Malicious Writing Sites

Researching writing sites has left me with a conclusion on dangerous writing sites. Many people may not know about these websites and their contributions to malicious codes and scamming. Here is a list of sites that I have found to take part in malicious distributions and scamming its writers. (These sites may not be responsible for the viruses and malware distributed, but this problem exists with the sites)

Life 123
Life 123

Life 123

Life 123 is a great site to the naked eye. Once becoming a member for a period of time, you may notice some things such as not getting recorded page views correctly and damage to your computer. I was a member of this website for a little while before I started experiencing problems. They pay at a very high rate. You may earn $5 per 50 page views, but they claim you earn up to $20 per article you submit. This leaves many people with the wrong impression of the website, which is considered a lie.

Due to the amount of money they page for page views, it seems that they are hiding the real amount of page views people are actually receiving. I submitted 4 articles to OnlyWire Bookmarklet, an automated social bookmarking website that allows you to automatically submit links to 30 top social bookmarking sites. I returned to Life 123 2 weeks later and my page views were the exact same as they were when I left. I checked Digg and Stumbleupon and seen people leaving comments on my bookmarks telling me they liked the content. This lets me know that they visited the link, but Life 123 didn't record it. Research on WOT tells of malicious activity associated with this website as well.

Letter Rep
Letter Rep

I've heard people talking about their own personal experiences with Letter Rep. I haven't used this site before, but from what I heard, there are a lot more negative than positive stories about this website. People have claimed they were scammed for their actual earnings. Compared to other writing sites online, this may be the worst one. It doesn't necessarily mean they are not a legitimate business, it just means that their pay rates aren't calculated correctly.

These people have earned money from this website, but the earnings were not calculated correctly. Also, they have a lot of jobs listed here that are not real. Some jobs don't pay at all, and getting in contact with the customer is a hassle. As far as I know, the site may be a scam, but I have never used it, so I can't give a definitive answer on this subject as of yet.


Seeds is probably the most dangerous site on the list. All kinds of threats (Phishing, Viruses, Browser Exploit, Child Safety Problems, Spam, Annoying Pop-Ups, etc.) I researched this website before I was going to sign up for it. I had an impression that this was a bad website when I visited and seen all the sponsors. I think the sponsors are fake.

There have been many complaints associated with this website. The best way to avoid these problems is to stay away from this website.

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GreenGardenGuy 7 years ago from Fort Myers, FL

Very good to know, thanks.

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Ken R. Abell 7 years ago from ON THE ROAD

Great Hub. Thank you for this information. It is all very helpful.

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Smireles 7 years ago from Texas

Thanks for sharing this information.

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