Man's Libido

The Coolidge Effect is relevant to man,

of course we're not animals, yet we're not far off.

The libido of man is judged by many.

"Monogamy is the way!" messengers of dogma chant.

We as men have the cognitive ability to be faithful to our spouses;

we just do our best to fight our sexual urges.

Can man fight nature and his own being?

We're condemned like homosexuals who live a double life.

Married men and boyfriends throughout the world follow the one woman rule;

until they're enticed by someone new.

I think as humans we're unaware of who we really are, so we follow the rules of man to be labeled as civilized.

The security of monogamy is a wholesome feeling, however after a period of time it becomes hum-drum.

Affairs will never cease and we're delusional if we think they will.

Loneliness creeps up to bachelors and routine seizes husbands.

Man's libido... is it a curse?


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