Many Chinese Citizen Lost The VERY ESSENCE OF HUMANITY

Flesh upon flesh

The poor child suffer

Run over, stomped over, crushed...left nothing but her lifeless body

She moved her arm, she scream...passerby have seen, but ignore

Eighteen people, oh yes! Eighteen people! ignored

How sad my heart weakening aching soul cries...

Wish to help her...but too late...she dies

My eyes became teary to see such crime

Ignorance, inhuman, remorseless, and ferocious humankind

I would not accept any million dollars

Which it cannot replace another human being

A child...a child...dear Lord a child

What money can buy a child back to life?

How can people be cruel, be shamed, and be devilish?

Ignoring their own citizen, a child...crushed

She’s only two; she has more to live...

What if this was your child? Would you watch her dead?

Chinese citizen has lost their essence humanity

Not being racist but speaking what I see

And this is not right, it’s’s not

She’s human; she has someone to love and love in return

She has mother, father, sister, brother

Grandma, grandpa, uncles, aunt, and cousin

Like any of you even know?

What heart are you made of, a devil or demon?

You are nothing more comparable to animals!

Warning: The following video contains graphic images not suitable for all viewers. If you have children with you, please lock them out of your room before clicking on this video. (Incident start at 1:09)

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nisa 5 years ago

I watched the video and when I saw the girl struck by the truck I scream. It was really sad my eyes is watery...I can't believe what I saw. The truck driver just run her over like an animal. And I can't believe people just walk away like they didn't see her. Gosh! I can't stop crying...if this was my child, I would be in jail that next day.

PETER LUMETTA profile image


A tragic scene. The world has become less for the death of this child. Humanity is less. Is this what our destiny is? Then I would rather not be a part of it, HAVE WE LOST OUR SOUL? We are no longer a noble race, we have crawled back to the primordial slime. Bless this child, Please.

Vanna 5 years ago

This is a tragic scene! I can't believe it. What is this world made of? What happen to humankind? What happen to good Samaritan? Bless this child.

chanroth profile image

chanroth 5 years ago from California, USA Author

Hi nisa, peter, vanna, I too cried after watching this video. I was horrified to see what happen. The first question that comes to my mind was why? How can these people live to call themselves human? @peter, you are right, hamanity has come to less and I'm not sure if this is our destiny. If this was our destiny, I would too rather not be part of it. This is one cruel and devastating action that I have ever seen in my life. Thank you!

QualityContent profile image

QualityContent 5 years ago

We have been corrupted by money. Most people are too lost in their "daily lives" to see the world around them. We need to find our humanity again. This happens all the time. We pass the homeless man on the street, we allow thousands of children to die of starvation. It is "me" first.

A boy near where I live tries to break up a fight he was stabbed for it and died. He found his humanity, sadly the rest of the word needs to as well.

makusr profile image

makusr 5 years ago from India


Greetings from MAKUSR. I saw that piece on You Tube and was appalled and astonished to see how inhuman people can be. May God help us to regain our humanity. Thanks for sharing the feelings.

Lots of Love,


chanroth profile image

chanroth 5 years ago from California, USA Author

Quality, I totally agree with you. We are corrupted with money. It's just so sad that we let things like this happen. I'm so sorry about what happen to the boy, he was a hero, a good Samaritan...I have notice that people are getting violence and violence. It's so sad and some parent would allow this to happen. @Makusr, thanks.

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