Massanutten Skate Park.....11:10 A.M.

Massanutten skate park~ 11:10 a.m.



Lanky and lean
they coax

cumbersome bodies,
into large

lofty leaps

of faith,
perched boldly

on their

chariots of chance.

Kick flipping

as they dance,
over long

bends of lumber,
that can

be a

great humbler,
for all

those who

are stumblers,

or tumblers.

Each one

hoping to

fly good
as they hurl

themselves out,
over valleys

of plywood.
to perhaps

catch some air,
oh, so


Tempting fate

on a dare,
that might

let them

reach heaven,
on the

end of

a trick,
thereby earning

their wings,
and then

making it stick.

While around

them mere mortals,
suffer great falls

from grace,
slamming back

to that place,
where sweet

glory was chaste,
and their efforts

but waste.



O                                    O



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