May God Bless and Keep Us

all rights reserved
all rights reserved

May God bless and keep us now,

and in the coming year,

We have no reason to worry,

and nothing for us all to fear.

Our faith will see us through it all,

whatever to be the claim,

Our Father has His plan for each,

and why the Savior came.

In all the years of our lives,

the Lord has seen us through,

He watches us, as his children,

in all that we say and we do.

Benevolent is our Father,

and much forgiveness, He has shown,

Our belief and trust in Him is great,

as in His care we've grown.

Beyond the stars, our universe,

there His stewardship is seen,

He wants the best for us all,

and our happiness, to Him is keen.

Within His grasp, our lives depend,

and no evil or harm to befall,

His eyes are on the sparrow,

He loves both the great and small.

The creatures here upon this earth,

their lives under his hands, do lie,

No calamity or hardship's trial,

goes unnoticed, by His watchful eye,

As surely, all was made from the clay,

and by the Potter's hand,

Forever, we shall live with Him,

and this, for each to understand.

As fish do swim in oceans of blue, and birds fly in the grand sky,

The Lord has made us all to keep, and we'll join Him, by and by.

all rights reserved
all rights reserved

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whonunuwho profile image

whonunuwho 4 years ago from United States Author

In the year to come of 2012, please feel free to refer back to this prayer and in hopes that it will give you peace.

BongSantos profile image

BongSantos 4 years ago from Philippines

I join you in your prayer. He does take care of His children. Voted up and beautiful.

joanwz profile image

joanwz 4 years ago from Katy, Texas

thanks for this beautiful prayer and its reminder of how much He is with us and wants only the best for us. thank you.

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