Love Poem - Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye Video Song


Maybe goodbye

You came and then gone

You whisper and then gone

You blow me and then gone

I hope we are one

It is sunny

My hunky punky

Go ride a donkey

Tall and lanky

Why hide some more

I don’t like you no more

You are a bore

I will cry no more

There’s some more

With you at the door

Even when you snore

You are a whore

Take me out here

I don’t like it here

Crazy as hell

When you are here

Pray some more

I will give you more

I love you more

Even at labor

Go away from me

I found somebody

To care of me

And will stay

So there you are

Please don’t cry

I will leave you now

Maybe its forever

In the meantime

Goodbye for now

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aware profile image

aware 7 years ago from West Palm Beach Florida.

hmmmm. more is for the hungry . sets a plate at the table for you if needed. good to see you .


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