"McChemical": A Poem

by D Shannahan

Better stay inside-

Yeah, its a crazy world

Get your brain fried

Like a chicken dipped in oil.

Mechanical arms, like mosquitoes

Sucking up fossil fuels-

All through school

I just wanted to smoke weed and skip.

Can't change it

So the apathy sets in-

All these rocks became columns,

But they flawed if they ain't set in stone-

Manning a killer vehicle with your problems.

Yeah they call it 'road rage'...

From womb to tomb I'll be depressed,

'Cause the West is the cesspool the fan has hit-

Next time a fan hits a homer,

Show me where's the winning ticket.

Dreams of a fiend addicted to relivin-

All their wildest dreams,

They got fictitious amnesia.

Do you need a troll to tickle your balls, when you think you got a genius idea?

Oh you love fantasy-

Give me the sweepstakes.

They actually relate to me

And my desire for that cake.

With a cherry on it.

Babylon rich but can't share it,

Rather be rich in merit

Can't act a bitch when a homeless kid calls your bluff you can't rescind.

I transcend,

All your contracts contradicted.

A pie on their faces...

I spare a nug to stare the one love straight through the ages.

The holy ace of spades bitch.

I'm just-

Waiting on the fall like new year's eve.

Babylon can't stand long-

With a wounded knee.

Feel like I'd die for the trees-

And the bees-

The pigeons are more friends to me than these peeps rushin down the streets.

Peep the message-

The mystics in the air they don't get it.

They wanna edit life-

Catch a trife endin.

Even at a deficit-

My life stay indefinite.

I like to turn the music up

Till I deafen em.

I love earthquakes,

Thunder and fire beats make the earth shake.

I love the Spirit you can hear em how they fear it and turn away.

I stare em straight into the soul my eyes glarin em...

I got not much to do with people like 'who parent them'?

Divine with Hashem.

The principle they couldn't box in.

More power than oxen-

I'm feelin like oxycodones off God's love for us.

Demons better run for the forest.

You can have your McChemicals, I'll just say you don't know us.

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D Shannahan profile image

D Shannahan 3 months ago from Everywhere Man! Author

thank you for the comment!

Jodah profile image

Jodah 3 months ago from Queensland Australia

Quite a complex poem, but you manage to cover a lot of ground and make some very important points. Very interesting.

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