Dad and his son. :)
Dad and his son. :)
A nice scene!
A nice scene!
Father and son.
Father and son.

Father sleeping on his death bed calls his son:

Come close, child, I have my final words to say

These are not the thoughts of some old man muttering away,

I have planned the game of life,

Journeyed to find a home, friends and a wife.

I have left no stone unturned,

Each mistake, a valuable lesson to be learnt.

There are two roads you can walk on, my son

The first begins with hard work and ends in paradise,

The better choice, in the long run.

The other guarded by seven strangers, each a cardinal vice,

They are Greed, Wrath, Pride and Gluttony

Accompanied by Lust, Sloth and Envy.

Each one will hug you in a tight embrace

Stay away if you are a real man.

For no man will resort to evil to save face,

He will endure all pain suffering and even fall from grace.

Gluttony will ensure you are well fed,

But beware, or you may find yourself dead.

Overindulgence in food, drink or money,

Will make everything taste sour, even sweet, sweet, sweet honey.

Pride is a drug, it kills and it cures,

When taken in small doses, it's love of one's excellence

But when taken in excess, it leads to a loss of all sense

Of what is right and what is wrong.

Envy will make the other side of the fence look greener.

It enters young mind as a foreign seed,

It must be nipped in the buds, the hideos weed.

Envy must never be behind any action,

It leads to complete loss of satisfaction.

Wrath is a feeling of burning revenge,

It makes talk of vengence, far sweeter to hear,

But iit is no act of strength, only fear.

For no man would strike another whose back is turned.

Greed is a craving for material possessions.

He is perhaps man's greatest foes,

To kill him, look at yourself from head to toe,

Be content and he will trouble you no more.

You may not think it a sin to suffer at the hands of sloth.

But an idle mind is a devil's workshop.

So sow your seeds and reap your crop,

Reap the harvest and never let your mind rot.

Lust is a craving for flesh.

Women are not toys to play with all night and day.

They are God's Angels, sent down to show the right way

Treat them as you would yourself, with love, dignity and respect.

Your journey is long, and the road is rough

Some decisions may seem tough

I pass on the Legacy of my generation to you, young man

But bear in heart the words of this old man.

And now my time had come, so

Farewell..... my son.

       Memento is a poem about an elderly father passing on his wisdom to his son. He warns him of the seven Cardinal Vices (according to the Bible) and tells him to stay away from these emotions. The father's emotions, however, are the strongest emotions in the poem. His love for his son and the very fact that his final thought are for his son proves the volumes of love for his son.

Father and son

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