Meteor.-------4 poems on falling


Sunrise reflects heartache,

a starling grazed a window,

in angels wings it sleeps.







Children waving flags

high above a demon smiles,

J.F.K. falls dead.




Demonic Justice.

Raped by a

wicked priest,

who died in

a form of

coitus interruptus,

his heart failed

before he actually

 emptied himself

into her five


year old loins.

She now stood

wearing his cross,

behind the demon

sent to remove him,

his black matted fur


warming her

fear chilled flesh,

and evaporating

her  angry

spittle freshly laid,

off the face of

another dead

Father of evil.








Lot's wife's great, great ,great, great ,grandaughter?  

She left an impression,

curled up in the corner of a wall,

etched forever into a hard shell,

folks came from miles around to see it,

stood and looked on it with awe,

She had never intended

to make such a big impression,

she was simply trying to get away,

but her journey left it's mark,

and made so many other hearts tremble,

at the brevity of life,

and the unexpected twists of fate,

that made this poor woman,

a permanent statue

locked in rigor mortar

in the city of Pompei.








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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Great stuff! Could you pass the salt?

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