Mi Dulce Vida



still miss you

& love you

i strive to get you

out of my mind

but to be honest

i think i'm simply

buying precious time

i accept the fact

things will never be the same

seconds, minutes, hours

frame by frame

la melodia en mi cabeza

push and pull

i struggle to not feel loca

the day you left me

never forget the pain

never in my life

little has it waned

like a lost little girl

in a shopping mall

she can't find her parents

their whereabouts

she cannot recall

people pass her by

no one says a word

her eyes full of tears

her vision: blurred

if this is truly

how it's supposed to be

then why can't i forget you?

to my mind, my soul, is it you

who holds the key?

maybe i'm crazy

clinically insane

i plead to know

you do not feel the same

truly though i wish you the best

but living without me in your life

one of your biggest regrets

maybe all of this is strangely one sided

maybe it's just me

a house meant to be divided

i wish i could lie

and say i don't think of you every day

i wish i could be cruel

and tell you my heart has gone astray

my soul is wild

freedom lets me breathe

no one understands me like you

by your side, only then

do i feel


but i know you are wrong

in a lot of things you do

i accept you, flaw for flaw

every shade of blue

knowing the dark side of you

at times, i wish i did not know

still i cannot forgive nor forget

and let it all go

always searching

seeking to find

someone, something

when it's all right in front of your eyes

i hope you are happy

content with your life

something tells me

deep down

you feel otherwise.


today i woke up

with this song in my head

always reminds me of you

but unfortunately to you

i am dead

i played the song

listened to the tune

the voice of the artist

talking to the moon

the other day

as i prepared for my day

i looked in the mirror

my eyes grew a haze

it was that same song

that entered my life before the sun rose

who do i turn to

i hide the pain, never let it show

as i put on my make-up

i fought back a tear

though that was no help

uninvited emotion i feared

but i finished getting ready

and walked out the door

walking down the stairs

just as the day before

i pulled it together

since i knew in my mind

this dreaded feeling

would soon be left behind

even through the tears

i forced a smile

for i knew i did not regret

a hard lesson i learned from a grown child

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lovebuglena profile image

lovebuglena 4 years ago from Staten Island, NY

Nice poem. Others will certainly relate to it. Thanks for sharing.

Mhatter99 profile image

Mhatter99 4 years ago from San Francisco

Bravo to a magical experience of reading this. Thank you

Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 4 years ago from Shelton

actually i enjoyed reading your sweet life... :) Frank

Yani 4 years ago

WOW!!! Look at your hidden talent! Love your poetry chica!.... me gusta! muy bien!

Lynn Kelly profile image

Lynn Kelly 4 years ago from Florida Author

gracias mamita linda. thank you everyone for the kind words.

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