Mindful Clouds July 11, 2011


Last night I lost my grandmother,

Still you are not far from my thoughts...

I almost want to run to look for you,

To get hug...

Someone to hold me so that I can cry all my tears out,

That I hold inside...

As I sit here missing her,

I also am missing you...

You were that person... that I could always talk to.

Although... I am not lonely,

Sometimes I feel lonely...

It's not the same that you and I had.

You were concern with every part of me...

Especially if I was sad...

If it were you, you would of held me so tight.

You would of talked me through the hurt.

You would of been right there by my side...

This love for you I carry...

Sometimes so hard to hide.

Written by: Jlono ©2011

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Shamim 23 months ago

I go back and forth between more essicapt fiction and more challenging reads. Since I read so much non-fiction, when I read fiction, I do tend to gravitate towards mysteries or lighter books. Although right now, I'm reading Nefertiti by Michelle Moran. As for the election, I voted for the very first time on my 18th birthday for Governor of New York, and I've voted in every single election since then. I spend most of my days readingThe Huffington PostSlateSalonThe AtlanticThe New York TimesThe New RepublicTimeNewsweekPoliticoOn TV, I've been watching The Daily Show, Meet the Press, and Rachel Maddow (my new girl crush).

ROMANCER OF LIFE profile image

ROMANCER OF LIFE 5 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii Author

ahorseback ~ Thank you so much for this wonderful comment. You're right! She's most definitely with me... *smiling*

Have a blessed day!

~ Romancer ~

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 5 years ago

Romancer ,Awesome , You do know she is right there beside you ....Don't you! Beautiful tribute.

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