Minor playwrights of the Shakespeare's age

George Chapman (1560-1634) was an excellent classical scholar and wrote important tragedies: the best are Bussy d'Ambois (1607) and The Revenge of Bussy d'Ambois (1613).

John Marston (1576-1634) wrote two tragedies, The History of Antonio and Mellida (1602) and its sequel Antonio's Revenge (1602) and the bitter comedy The Malcontent (1604).

Thomas Middleton (1580-1627) in his work reflected the evils of contemporary society. He was a very prolific writer, but he is mostly remembered for his two famous tragedies: Women Beware Women (1621), which deals with the crimes of the Italian Bianca Capello, and The Changeling (1622).

Another dramatist was John Webster (1580-1625) who followed the tradition of the tragedy of horrors. He produced two great tragedies: The White Devil (1612) and The Duchess of Malfi (1614). The former relates the scandalous life of the Italian beauty Vittoria Accoramboni, the latter is the story of a young widow Duchess persecuted by her brothers.

The atmosphere of the dramas of Cyril Tourneur (1580-1626) was one of violence and corruption. His best works are The Revenger's Tragedy (1605) and The Atheist's Tragedy (1606).

Francis Beaumont (1584-1616) and John Fletcher (1579-1625) formed an effective valuable partnership in producing together excellent plays such as Philaster, or Love Lies a-Bleeding (1610), The Maid's Tragedy (1611) and A King and No King (1611).

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