In The Mirror I See Myself Dying Of A Broken Heart

In The Mirror I See Myself Dying Of A Broken Heart

Looking around i see the light,
The light that stands behind your figure.
It's there i see it but what does it mean?

Mom's is Light and yellow and pretty.
Dad's is Pretty and yellow too.
But then i turn.
Turn around.
Turn away when i see your color.

Your stand there in the mirror with me.
yours is Red,
Red as blood.

What does yours mean?
Are you a murderer?
Are you a Psycho?
Are you just there?
what does it mean.

Then i look at mine,
The Scariest of them all.

I see Red mixed with yellow.
What does it mean?
I don't know i'm confused.
i want you, but yours is red.
mine is part yellow, part red.

I don't want that i think your going to kill me with that look.
"Don't leave" you'll say.
And i'll just walk away.
Because now i know.
You were going to kill me.
Kill me with a broken heart.
you don't want me to know.

I know and it's there and i'll always know.
You can't hide it.
I denied it.
But now i've saved myself from dying,
from a broken heart


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