Miss Brunette and Miss Blonde : A Poem

by Lee Douglas

Written following a night out on the town.....

All too soon, returned the band,

And Miss Brunette took me by the hand,

Where poprock music and flashing lights,

Paved our movements through the night,

And so we danced, first fast, then slow,

As all around watched our little show,

Momentarily I felt back in school,

But unknown to me, I'd been played a fool.

For Miss Brunette was undercover,

She had herself another lover,

She whispered softly "Tho I think you're sweet,

I fear this is the last we'll meet".

And just like that the night was over,

No time for me to seek another,

And to add more tragedy to my sad tale,

To make a really epic fail,

It seems Miss Blonde knew all along,

Had tried to save me that final song,

And when I searched for Miss Tender-hearted,

I quickly learned she'd just departed.

Fate can be kind, but also cruel,

And that's why that night, I left a fool.

Alas that night I'd had a few,

Wine, I think, and vodka too,

Oh but how then my spirit soared,

I refused outright to be ignored,

At first, a sweet brunette I spied,

With wavy hair, and chestnut eyes, A

nd as we danced her smile electric,

The band that night were quite eclectic,

And when their playing came to pause,

My weary feet returned to those bars,

Where another caught my eye,

Miss Blonde, it seemed, had spotted I,

She laughed, as I tried flirting wittily,

and she grinned back at me so prettily,

So I found my heart divided,

Blonde or Brunette - I'm undecided!

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