Missing you -- A Poem

Enjoy our inspiration with this song... thanks!


Coming to see you down Highway I-95

Surprise surprise, came home from Afghanistan

Captain Robinson let us go home from Fort Bragg

My baby is down south... thinking I'm still far away on war zone

My emotions take over... while I listen to "John Waite" for so long!


North Carolina, I'm saying Goodbye now

There is so much to think about...

I want to get home sooner than freaking later

I want to grab and hold my sweet lady...

Is already 6:45 p.m. and the sun is already going down...

I feel that by night I will be embracing my only love

Is almost her birthday and I cannot miss one more holiday, I know!

Feeling like her knight in shining armor driving back home..!



Yes, a trailer in front of me, drops a heavy structural beam

a piece of heavy proportions that wasn't suppose to stop my dream

Engulfed by the impact on my windshield I go back...

I see myself driving my Humvee in dusty Iraq


Roadside bombs and ambushed comrades dropping next to me

This must be a dream, or a nightmare that could not be...

Finally, I see myself inside my wrecked car... barely mumbling...

A firefighter search my wallet to find my baby's cell phone number!!



"I need to see her -- I need to feel her lips,"

I say, while paramedics take care of me

Up above I see the stars and... and I see her face

I sense the warm blood that sealed our love and faith!


Survivor from foreign wars and terrifying PTSD's

I wanted to come home and surprise my "sweet thing"

I know love is stronger than distance, time and those fearful nights

Flabbergasted that I'm alive and... able to breathe this life


At The E.R.... "defibrillator paddles!"


This doctor decided to save my life

"angel doctor" took over staff in the middle of the night

applied CPR and asked for prayer holding my hands

"he is not ready Michael," said a voice, "I know he can... I know he can..."

All of a sudden, I felt these warm soft hands holding mine so tight

It was my wife that drove back in the middle of this crazy night

bringing my beautiful daughter who I didn't see from long ago

We kissed and cried, we sobbed like kids full of love!



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Why You didn't tell me?


She was mad and wanted to slap on my face

Oh my! Who understands women anyway!

She still kissed me like that first time

she was catching up with my state of mind

In that moment we saw a shooting star through the window blinds

"must've been another angel that won his wings back"

In the middle of that hectic hospital, we celebrated this especial day

"No matter what, life is what counts after all," I said to her

John Waite, you were right! I was really missing her... to death!

Guess what our daughter wanted to be..?
Guess what our daughter wanted to be..? | Source

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tammyswallow profile image

tammyswallow 4 years ago from North Carolina

This is a wonderful poem! Certainly makes me think of all the things I have to be thankful for this holiday season. Excellent!

billybuc profile image

billybuc 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

No matter what....life and love! That about sums it up, Joseph! Beautiful poem for this time of year. Well done my friend and Happy Thanksgiving!

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 4 years ago from Nashville Tn.

A beautiful reminder to us all to be ever grateful for our blessings. There are no small ones - all are huge! Thanks for this touching and very creative poetry. Only YOU could bring forth such emotion and truth. Up, awesome and sharing!

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 4 years ago Author

Thanks Tammy, Billy and Vocal Coach! The spirit is in the air for sure! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 4 years ago from Nashville Tn.

Lord - I tweeted this and one of my friends tweeted me back saying that this was her favorite poetry. Yeaaaa - just wanted you to know :)

elle64 profile image

elle64 4 years ago from Scandinavia

Absolutly beautiful

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 4 years ago Author

Thanks Vocal! and elle64! Meeuuww! Sorry for the cheap jokes Elle!

Janine Huldie profile image

Janine Huldie 4 years ago from New York, New York

Beautiful poem Joseph and what a wonderful ending. Happy Thanksgiving my friend!!

Deborah-Diane profile image

Deborah-Diane 4 years ago from Orange County, California

Lovely poem. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Faith Reaper profile image

Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

This is so beautiful beyond words. It reminds me of my dad who had suffered with PTSD from wars long ago, and so this has touched my heart greatly to read your profound hub. Tears have welled up in my eyes thinking of my mother when she was younger and me as a child.

Very creative and amazing. Thanks for the lovely and thought-provoking hub.

Voted Way up and sharing everywhere

Happy Thanksgiving to you. God bless you. In His Love, Faith Reaper

mary615 profile image

mary615 4 years ago from Florida

This is the kind of sentiment that I have come to know and love about your writing, Lord. You are such a dear and sensitive person, and it shows in your writing like this one. You just can't hide it!

I have been thinking of you and how you are after Sandy. Do hope all is well.

Good to see you, Mary

Mhatter99 profile image

Mhatter99 4 years ago from San Francisco

What a amazing, personable poem! It causes me to reflect on those past and present I am now thankful for. Thanks

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 4 years ago Author

Janine Huldie , Thanks for stopping by and say hi. You always looking for us and our inspirations. Yeah, a remarkable happy ending for this wonderful season and holiday. Happy thanksgiving as well!

@Deborah-Diane, I appreciate your visit and wishing the best for you and your family on these holidays. Happy thanksgiving too!

@Faith Reaper, you said it so right. The peom touches home and it was inspired in events that we saw, heard, talked about and wrote finally about. We love happy endings and this was just a product of our mind and those muses. Happy thanksgiving as well dear!

@mary615, you are correct, we are romantic with no cure. Women know about these stories and can relate. Poetry is part of our lives and we cannot stop writing when we hear a tune or sudden sheer inspiration. Thanks for your kind words. Happy thanksgiving around your family and baby!

Mhatter99, being thankful for being alive and healthy is just as important as having a wonderful dinner. The frenzy of shopping sometimes takes over the real spirit of the holiday. Thanks my friend! Happy tahnksgiving as well!

PurvisBobbi44 profile image

PurvisBobbi44 4 years ago from Florida


Thanks for the insightful message to us all that we are home with our love ones safe on holidays because of the sacrifice of the men and women who keep our country safe.

Happy Thanksgiving to them where ever they are---and I pray they will all be home very soon.


lrc7815 profile image

lrc7815 4 years ago from Central Virginia

This one certainly evoked a roller coaster of emotion. Beautiful Lord de Cross. So much to be grateful for!

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 4 years ago from Jamaica

Happy Thanksgiving Lord, a wonderful poem, so touching. I believed every word. Loved it.

marcoujor profile image

marcoujor 4 years ago from Jeffersonville PA


Love that you are back writing in your one of a kind manner...always reminding us of the real priorities in life.

This is memorable, sentimental and beautiful. Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving day. Love, Maria Couchara

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 4 years ago from Florida


Beautiful and perfect time.


AEvans profile image

AEvans 4 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

Oh how beautiful! Words into action and a wonderful poem. So sentimental and so hearfelt Happy Thanksgiving and what a beautiful read. :)

Deborah Brooks profile image

Deborah Brooks 4 years ago from Brownsville,TX

My dear Lord.. I am crying.. this story is so beautiful.. what a powerful poem.. and just in time for thanksgiving.. God bless you my friend


Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 4 years ago Author

Bobbi Purvis, we are thankful for our soldiers and women that were sent to the frontline. This tribute is dedicated to all of them, who are heroes with no name. Thanks for your wonderful response!

@Linda, thanks for the compliments. My son is in Afghanistan and haven't heard from him in 2 months, so we hope he is fine. Much appreciated for your feedback and wonderful comment.

@Cardisa , thanks to you and hope you are well down in beautiful and sultry Jamaica. Thanks again! The story came into fragmented pieces and we felt the inspiration flowing. Take care!

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 4 years ago Author

Maria Jordan, well I felt in the need to put this poem out, and I guess I was ready for it. Your support is truly appreciated and hope you have a wonderful time next to your loved ones!

@JT Walters, long time no see. I know you have been busy with your research and that darn child support that has been dnied to your son. Great to see you in here. Thanks for stopping by!

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 4 years ago Author

AEvans, thanks to you and to this wonderful community. I'm greatful indeed for the people who believed in me. Take care and Happy belated thanksgiving!

@Deborah Brooks, I know you are very sentimental, and that makes you a dearly friend. We hope you are doing well next to your sons, dughters in law and your grandkids. Thanks for those wonderful comments and your friendship!

lrc7815 profile image

lrc7815 4 years ago from Central Virginia

Hoseph, I was not aware that your son was in Afghanistan. Thank you for sharing that information, and, for sharing his with our country. I will keep him (and your family) in my prayers.

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 4 years ago from Florida

Wouldn't miss your work for all the world.

Happy Holidays!!


Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 4 years ago Author

Linda, thanks for the concerns and happy holdays as well!

JTWalters, hope you are doing better these holidays. Thanks for your appreciative words. Take care!

PurvisBobbi44 profile image

PurvisBobbi44 4 years ago from Florida


Your family and especially your son is in my prayers. May you be blessed with hearing from him soon.

Your Friend,

Bobbi Purvis

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 4 years ago Author

Bobbi, thanks so much. The thing is... he let someone stayed back in the U.S. so this fellow soldier could see his first child being born. So the memories come back to a father. Why did he do it? Is just a matter of how he was raised. Happy holidays Barbara!

PurvisBobbi44 profile image

PurvisBobbi44 4 years ago from Florida


It takes an Angel to raise an Angel. And you are one and so is your son.

What a great family you have--- a lucky man.


always exploring profile image

always exploring 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

I loved your poetry, i also felt pain. Thank you Joseph.

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 4 years ago Author

Thanks again Bobbi. You really understand this. Hopefully things will work out for good. Great to see you again.

always exploring, thanks so much for leaving an honest and caring commenting. No wonder you have a heart of gold. Appreciate your mindful words. Happy holidays to you and your family.

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

Voted up and awesome. You got all the emotions ringing here. A complete combination of over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go and right on through It's a Wonderful Life where the bells ring and angels get wings. Applause. Passing this on.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 4 years ago

.....you have such a great poetic heart Sir Lord and you are the consummate story teller for the ages - sending you warm wishes from lake erie time 6:39am

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 4 years ago Author

Gypsy Rose Lee , your words are so touching indeed. I appreciate them and thanks for being there for us all. You always stop and checkon us. Thank you... and sorry for the late comment, I was traveling

@Epi, that was a wonderful compliment. You also have ways to makes us smile and we know we have Epi for a long time! Take care Colin!

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