Going for it! or not...

I've had to modify my expectations

What I wanted to do could not be done

I thought that all I had to do was show up

And after that all would be games and fun

I was told that this was impossible

And I should know better than to think that

Way is what was appreciated

And by the way I was lazy and fat

So I took a hard look into the mirror

And saw that I could use a few less pounds

But when I tried to think a little clearer

A muddled mess was all that I found

The floor it is creaking and my brain is leaking

My mouth it is open and words I am speaking

But no one who hears me can quite comprehend me

And I my own self do not quite apprehend me

Rhythmic thumpings vaguely gone syllabic

The sad thing is I know just what that means

I might as well be trying to voice Arabic

I might as well be eating mustard greens

And so I've modified my expectations

Which means basically I've given up hope

I hate to hold forth windy explanations

And boy I sometimes feel just like a dope

copyright 2011 christopher w neal all rights reserved

"He was a nice guy, but boy he sure couldn't play bass." - John Lydon


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