Mondo the Moon Magician

Mondo the Moon Magician
Mondo the Moon Magician | Source

As Mondo the Moon Magician performs, he must stick to some rather basic prestidigitator’s tricks. He usually opens as he has here, with a sequence of disappearing and reappearing coins, flowers, eggs, rabbits, scarves, chickadees, playing cards and lunar doves. By mid-show, he will sometimes saw a Venusian in half, or read the alien minds of a few of the intergalactic tourists in the back rows.

But Mondo, like all other minor-satellite magicians, usually abjures that old standby, the levitating volunteer from the audience. You see, in the Moon’s weaker gravity, the stunt just doesn’t seem to provide all the thrills and chills it might on Earth. (After all, anybody’s kid bounding off to the restroom seems to levitate in leap after leap! It was cool for a while when the Apollo astronauts floated about, but — hey — it’s been done to death.)

Alright, is everyone ready for the scimitar through the box?  

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