Money Is The Root of All Evil

Money Is The Root Of All Evil

First off I'd like to say. What I talk about here in this writing is for everyone. It doesn't matter where you come from. From the hood to the suburbs. I don't care how you were brought up. It may even tell you why certain people act the way they do. So lets get on to it.

Money is said to be the root of all evil. Some people agree and some don't. What do you think? Do you beleive the hype? Me personally I believe it is some what true. Look at your surroundings. The evil acts are happening everyday. People are actually letting money destroy everything around them. What is it all for? I couldn't tell you. Maybe its desperation. Are maybe the person which caring out the evil deed feel it is caused for. There are many unknown reasons.

Lets get into the evil acts. Instead of me naming them all I'll sum it up in one word crime. Why do most crimes go on? That's right money. Millions of people everyday do wrong looking for a quick buck or two. We have lost thousands if not many more of lives behind money. Its crazy cause I never thought about it. Intill it was brought to my attention. People don't always die because of the crime. Many lives are changed after it though. It causes many cycles of events. All of this behind money. Evil has a fix which gets to everyone. It doesn't matter if you are old are young.

Now lets talk about how people behaviors are cause of money. You may are may not know someone who acts a certain way because of money. I'll admit I"ve had my ways when my money was some what right. Soon as I noticed it I canged my ways. There are actually people who think they are some type of god because they possess a little money.Which maybe more than others but who cares. We were all created equally. There are also people who are always in a bad mood because they possess no money. I know most of us have been there. I guess what I'm saying now is don't let money shape you. All these actions over something that will be here even when we're gone. Is it really worth it.


 Who knew when man decided to creat a type of currency. That it would go on to shape the whole world. Now you can't do to much of anything without havng money. The movement of everything is based on this one thing. It doesn't descriminate either. You have it or you don't have it. No matter the government that you live by. Money is the dictator of them all. The evil I see it doing is just that its controling us all. We are all slaves to money. I hate to say it but its true.

If you have anything you want to say post a comment. These are all my opinions. I'm just exercising my freedom of speech. So please don't get made at hubpages or any other affliate which I use for any of my comments. Thanks once again for taking the time to read my hub.


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