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Part seven

Monsanto dumped their genetically engineered seeds into the Pacific. Mutant monsters have slaughtered millions. Cities have become militarized by Moral Monitors. Refugees seeking assistance perish, and worse, in government run FEMA Camps.

Stay free, American. Hold your own. Help when you can. Your on your own. Watch your back.

God bless America again,

Jonathan Simon


Blog Post: 3-14-13

Re: Young bloods bopping with the big boys.

By: Geek Sleek

A cramped closet, craziness and a keeper.

Sorry about leaving you hanging last time.

Things been happening. Where did I bail before? Oh, yea. I had just got knocked on my ass by Lenia. Hard concrete and my butt don’t mix. Between that feeling in my ass and it happening in front of Dread, my mouth opened before my brain kicked in. Or so a brother thought, right after telling the most bad ass girl I ever met “Load up, Lenia. Your bitch ass just got drafted.”

Meet Lenia, at your own risk.

What are you looking at?
What are you looking at?

Chick's got an attitude.

I kept cool while she put her hands on her hips and rolled her eyes. “Drafted? For what? And who the hell you think you is anyway, drafting people? Cyrus done died and made you God, shrimp?” She said it with half a smirk on her face and murder in her eyes. I got to admit it. I was worried. Didn’t let it show none.

“Cyrus said we got to load up. Serious shit going down. I’m in charge of material round up for defense, or would you rather a few more brothers get eaten?” I didn’t know what she was going to do. Dread had kicked back against the wall grinning from ear to ear. He wasn’t about to be no help.



I couldn’t believe it. You could have knocked me over with a poof of air. She stood up straight, looked me dead in the eye, stuck out her hand and simply stated “I’m in.” All the front was gone. She meant it. I was breathing a sigh of relief when I took her hand. Next thing I know, I’m flying forward and almost lost my balance. Damn, that girl is strong, one handed even.

Now that he’s no longer needed,

Dread decides to speak up by popping off with “Fill in the drill, little man. She got your back and I got to go. Meet me in an hour with a crew ready to move at the meeting room. Don’t fuck up and make me wait.” Smooth as silk, he spins around and strolls back the way we came leaving me alone with Lenia.

Background beat is rising in my head.

Spit it out.

“What’s the plan, little man?” She had her hands on her hips again like I was already annoying her ass. Her emphasis on little didn’t go unnoticed either.

I laid it down just like it was, thinking to sound all business. “We got to get 12 total to go way into the tunnels in the Beast and bring back a butt load of building supplies. Cyrus wants two ways in, two ways out, both to hold off a tank. Got it?”

I do not own, nor did I create the video above. It is Kat Dahlia's original "Gangsta" and was uploaded to by YassLaGrandeClasse.

“Got it. Where you at on it?” She was actually asking in a semi interested way, not being her normal smart ass self, you know. I told her the truth. “I was just starting when you freight trained my ass.” “I only know of three guys and maybe one girl. With you and me that only makes six. You know of anyone that can do the lifting and hang if we end up rat bait?”

Tick tock. Running out of clock.

Gather up.

She said “Off the top of my head, just two, my cousins, Lolo and Grim.”

“OK.” I said. “How fast can you round them up?”

“Real quick” she quipped. “They’re helping with laundry just around the corner.”

“Good. I can get the guys fast. They are with my grandmother moving furniture to set up a play center for the little kids. Cyrus is tired of them kids being under foot. Can you round up and meet me back here in thirty?”

Yea was all she said as she turned and went.

I was glad she was going to help. She still made me nervous, jittery kind of. The way she’s looking these days, all filled out and shit don’t help a brother focus on the priorities. Weird, she was being way cooler about it than I had ever seen her be about anything. She freaked out in fourth grade so bad, Tyrone Johnson ended up in the hospital. He was being an idiot, but damn, and we was kids then.

Lesson learned, don't piss off Lenia.
Lesson learned, don't piss off Lenia.

Beat down.

We were all in the cafeteria at lunch. He was talking smack. We usually ignored it, for the most part. This time Lenia called him on it. She told him to shut up to his face. He popped his chops back and told her he’d shut her up with what he had hanging. Crazy bitch went berserk. She attacked him with a chair. She hit him so hard the chair flew into pieces, one of which she grabbed up and broke his jaw with. The girl was plain psycho. What have I done to myself was all I could think as I went to round up the fellows.

Best buddies or no buddies?

Marcus, Darion, and Blaze are my best friends. We’ve been hanging for years. We lived in the same run down building before, when life was normal. I had mixed feelings as I walked. I didn’t want to risk the best friends I ever had. I didn’t really trust anyone else, other than Roberta, who also grew up with us, to be able to deal with what we might run into. Guilt and need ran a raging debate as I neared the space set aside for a play center.

Who do you trust?

If you need someone to watch your back in a SHTF situation, who would you trust?

See results without voting

Not now.

Darion saw me first and gave a shout out.

Then, of course, here comes Grams. This is something else I didn’t want to have to deal with. She still treats me like a baby. She walks up and hugs me hard saying “Hello, baby. Where you been? I haven’t seen you since early last night?”

I wouldn't take Lenia in a fight over Grams.

This was going to be bad.
This was going to be bad.

What could I say?

“I’m sorry Grams. I’ve been busy doing a little errand for Cyrus.”

Wrong thing to say.

“What are you doing for him?” she throws at me. That hello baby voice dripping granny sugar is gone now, replaced by the “I’m about to come down on you like white on rice if I don’t like what I hear” voice.

Grams always says go with God.

I hope she remembers to ask him to go with me.
I hope she remembers to ask him to go with me. | Source

I can’t lie to Grams.

Never could. She always knows. I had to tell her. Worse, I had to do it with my best friends watching. By the time I spit it all out, Grams did what Grams does best. She made everything OK, if for just a minute. She grabbed my face and looked me right in the eyes.

“My baby. It’s time your a man now. I know. Everything has changed. I’m proud of you. You and your friends, you watch out for each other. God watch over you. You remember, you can do anything with his help. You come back to me, Justice.” She hugged me so hard I couldn’t breathe. Then she turned to the rest of the group and said “Go on now. Ya’ll have more important work to do. Grams will finish this up just fine for these children. You’ll see when you get back.”

Sidenote – Yea. I got a real name. I don’t like it. Don’t use it.

We took off to meet up with Lenia. She was waiting with Lolo and Grim. We had 7. “Does anyone know where Roberta is?” I asked. No one did.

“Where are we going to get 5 more fuckers crazy enough to do this?” Evidently, Lenia’s niceness was wearing thin.

Kids always got a crib.

You just got to know where to look.
You just got to know where to look.

Hanging with the homies.

Marcus chimed in that he knew of a spot where kids were sneaking off to hang. Maybe, we could spot someone there. He led the way and off we went. We found about 15 or so kicking it. Roberta was there. So was little Jimmy Jones. He's smaller than me.

I knew him from the apartments. We never hung out much, but I saw him get jumped by three bigger kids in the hall by the elevator one night. He took them all out by himself and never said a word. Cold as ice, he stepped over one of them, and got on the elevator. He never looked back.


Things weren't looking so good.

I’m standing here thinking first off, other than Jimmy, I’m the smallest person here. Second, other than Jimmy and Roberta, I don’t know anyone. Third, the looks we were getting weren’t encouraging. While all this is spinning around my head, next thing I know Lenia steps to the front.

Bring it.

“Listen up, bitches. We’re on defense acquisition under orders from Cyrus. Roberta, you been drafted.” As she is looking at me, she says “Anyone else you want?” She’s got big green eyes. They burn right into you. “Jimmy Jones” I told her.

Next second, she’s a bellowing out “Jimmy Jones. You’re in. Front and center. We’re on a mission to get a bunch of heavy shit and bring it back. No telling how many rats we might see.” While her doing this was somewhat startling, the fact that no one was flapping any lip back at her was more surprising. The only thing I could figure is that her reputation as being one crazy heifer preceded her. We still needed 3 more.

Stand with your brothers, bitches.

What are you going to do?
What are you going to do?


Jimmy steps to me and says real quiet like “Snoop and Big Joe might work.” Lenia looked at us both and rolled her eyes. “Snoop and Big Joe, get your asses over here. I need a volunteer. Who is it going to be, or do I start drafting some more?” She sounded so in charge. A huge guy in the back stepped up. “I’m Rocky. I’m in.”

It was all coming together.

“Only if the boss says you are,” Lenia popped to him. She looked to me. “He's in” I said, trying to sound authoritative. We had a group.

“Everybody, load up with what you got and move out.” Lenia said “We don’t have long before we have to meet Dread and none of you want to piss him off.”

Dread and Vador were waiting just where Dread said we should meet them. We all headed to the Beast. When we got there, crusty, old Leon was standing like a guard on the door… with a sawed off pump action shot gun.

Guns good. Mutant monsters bad.

It's simple stuff.
It's simple stuff.

Respect my gangster!

Leon puffed up and announced “This is my bus. I drove this girl. I remade this girl. Whose her daddy?” With one hand he pumped that gun and boomed “Respect my gangster. Welcome aboard troops. Gear is in the back.” Gear meant guns and more than one for each of us with plenty of ammunition. There were a few home made weapons too, a nail studded bat, some chains, a pair of chucks, some stars, and one hell of a mean looking sword. It was long and wide and curved too. Dread really fixed us up when he left me alone with Lenia.

The girl was on me like glue.

Lenia took a seat right beside me with Jimmy directly behind. Jimmy leaned forward and said he brought a few surprises. When I asked what’s up, he grinned and opened his jacket. He had little battery operated motion detectors like go on garages and stuff. “Check it,” he said “I’m too small to be much good hauling. I got a map with me of the tunnels and batteries for these. Let me spend some time setting them up. We'll get a warning if the rats are coming.” It sounded like a damn good idea to me. I said go for it.


Work is hard. No wonder grown ups are so damn cranky.

7 trips later, we were dog tired. Damn cinder blocks were heavy! Hot, sweaty, stinking, no one was in a good mood. So far though, there was nothing Big Joe or Vador couldn’t take care of from above that showed itself as we came and went. They were each manning a gun turret on the roof of the Beast. Vader said us younglings better start stepping up. He put Big Joe on the other end to “Get some field time, Bitch.”

Lock and Load

Just as we were starting to load up for the last time, one of Jimmy’s rigged up alarms went off. Everybody froze for a second. Dread starts easing up to the gun on the roof. Big Joe is the farthest away and sprints for the bus. Lenia says to the group, real low, “Lock and load. It’s on.” She makes for higher ground following Dread's lead. She's got a Glock in each hand and that bad ass sword on her back. I could see another gun tucked into her pants at the waist.

The boxes of weapons were already out. Dread said each trip to load and unload them. He didn’t want us wasting time getting to the extras. He made everyone load up on two hand guns each from when we got on the bus. Everyone grabbed something extra now.

I breathed the tension like a fog in the air. The first wave all came from the same direction. We had all but two of those monsters down when another alarm went off. I don’t know how many there were from that way. They just kept coming.

Rocky fell first.

He had just shot one between the eyes at close range when another banked off the wall. It came down on him from an angle biting him right in the throat. I never even got to know him. Vador was close, but out of ammo. He took it out with the bat turning its head to hamburger before he was done, screaming the whole time. The smell of blood was so thick I could taste it.


The bitch is bad.

I don’t know how many I shot before I pulled the trigger and nadda, no more ammo for me. Monster Rat about my size charges me and gets me down. I’ve got my hands around its throat and it’s drooling in my face. I just knew I was done for. Lenia saw it and took a stage dive off the roof of the bus with that bad ass sword. She planted it straight through that rat’s skull when she came down and I rolled out for my life. She landed on her feet. I thought I was going to shit.

It was as if Heaven opened up and pointed to the way out.

Grams always says the Lord works in mysterious ways.
Grams always says the Lord works in mysterious ways. | Source

Everything was going to Hell.

I was about to panic. I looked up to beg God to help us, and saw salvation. Grams always said the Lord provides. I screamed as loud as I could “To the roof, the manhole. Go!” Everyone made it but Vador. There were just too many and he wouldn't give ground. He stayed between most of them and us as we bopped our way out the hole to the city above. The street was deserted. I didn't know what the hell to do. How would we make it back? The Beast was the only safe way, but we couldn't get back to her.

Then, it came to me. We needed a distraction. What would call the rats?

Wasn't there some story about a Pied Piper calling the rats?

Or, was that the President when he took Monsanto's money and let them fuck us all?
Or, was that the President when he took Monsanto's money and let them fuck us all?

It's all about the tunes.

I told the crew my thoughts and asked if anyone had any ideas. Lenia said she thought music might work. She glared at me like I was stupid and continued with “They only came the last round. We had the music on. We didn’t before. Maybe, the music is what drew them to us.”

“Well, alright girly, sounds like we got ourselves a plan” Leon said. "Now what you going to play it on?" Lenia glared. Jimmy grinned and pulled out his mp3 player from one of his many pockets. "How about this?"

Dread considered for a second and asked “Question is, where do we plant it?” Little Jimmy whipped out his map and we quickly found a connecting tunnel not too far off we thought would work that had a manhole access point. It would be a few turns away to hopefully buy us some time to get back in the Beast and haul ass.

It did and so we did.

When we got back to base, Cyrus was waiting. Looking past me, he saw Lenia and they locked eyes. Neither said a word. He listened when I told him what happened with a face of stone, but he kept staring at her the whole time. All he said was “Not bad.” The next day he assigned Lenia to be my bodyguard and said I was getting a promotion. I was to lead the “Younglings” when he handed down orders. Seems Leon has been talking to Cyrus because that was his term, not ours. I don’t think anyone is going to like it. I already know Lenia doesn’t.

She moved into my closet right after the announcement. She takes this shit real serious like. She’s driving me nuts! Turns out there’s a reason she’s so lethal. Guess who her daddy is. Yep, you guessed it. Cyrus. Who knew? Leave it to me to draft the big man's baby girl for rat bait. I'm so screwed.

I’ll never get rid of her.

I know. She saved my ass. She’s fine as all hell. She’s just, I don’t know. She’s driving me nuts that’s what she is!

Well, America, that’s that. I have been running the Younglings on more acquisitions since then, doing the communications gig, and helping build when I can. I’m wore the fuck out. Stay safe. Like Jonathan says, hold your own. Like Grams says, God bless you. From me to you, peace out.

Geek Sleek

PS people,

@ Jonathan - Texas huh? Yippee ki yay. Glad you made it.

@ Becka - Keep hanging, honey. It's going to work out.

@ Mooshoo - My brother from another mother, how's it hanging? From a tree? What you been doing out of the cage, my man?

@ Chad and Brad - Damn! I thought rats was bad. They ain't got nothing on that bitch fish.

Peace out.

I do not own, nor did I create the video above. It is an excerpt from the 1970s cult classic, "The Warriors."

Will the boy banger be beat down?

Will Lenia learn to be lady like?

Will Cyrus stay like stone?

Stay tuned.


Lets stick with a classic, Snoop.

Monster Mayhem Creature Feature Flicks theme of the day is...

Monsters in the hood, baby.

Hello to all the worldwide web. Vix here.

Kick back and scope on some terrifying tales from the hood.


All images were obtained at unless otherwise attributed.

All dividers, acrostic art and textual artwork was American made by Vix at

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SubRon7 profile image

SubRon7 3 years ago from eastern North Dakota

Your series has brought me to a conclusion, Vix, when the SHTF, we will be able to trust no one, and will have to ally with people we thought we never would. The thing is, if a person is alive, that might be the only qualification he/she needs.

Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 3 years ago from Shelton

I dont whether to hold my breath or just close my eyes, but Poetvix you certainly if nothing else entertain damn this series is on FIRE!!!!

billybuc profile image

billybuc 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

I don't know how it is possible for an article to be hilarious and downright scary all at the same time, but you have pulled it off. This series is a classic. Sharing all over the place because we need to get the word out...there's trouble in River City!

Great writing, Vix! You've done it again!

poetvix profile image

poetvix 3 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

SubRon7 ~ Hm. You may be right. I have to think there exists good and bad in us all. Crisis tend to bring out the extremes in one direction or the other. So far, I think we have seen the best of individuals. It has to be going the other way too. Sucks in the extreme, but that's reality.

Thanks bunches for keeping up with this thing, whatever it is, I have going here. God bless you and may all of your hubs be happy.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 3 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Frank ~ Well, don't close your eyes! You can't kill the monsters if you can't see them. Thank you so much for the read and the wonderfully supportive comments. God bless, bud and happy hubbing.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 3 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Billybuck ~ Thank you! It's fun, like having a vacation somewhere between Disney meeting Orwell in Harlem. Thanks bunches for the shares, the most generous comments and the support too. God bless you and Bev both.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 3 years ago

...Yeah even the epi-man is awestruck and at a loss for what to say, lol.

I guess I will just have to say that 'you just freight-trained my ass' and now

'I am stuck on you like glue.' lol

In your honor dear Rhonda and Master Elwood I am having a double chocolate stout beer and I have been listening to a tribute album to one of my favorites - Hank Williams Sr. (Have you ever heard Hank as Luke the Drifter in his spoken word pieces - you tube 'em; they're priceless)

But back to the masterpiece in progress - I even caught the 'f' word in here my righteous Rhonda - man oh man , you can even out-rap the rappers! Out beat the beatniks. Out Poe (as in Edgar) the poe-its!

Out Epi the Epi-man! I sit on a potty from now on when I read this series just to be safe - and from all of this shittin' and a pissin' and a laughin' I can hardly wait for your next installment - if all of this is better than your home baked pecan pie then there is a God in Texas - well we already know about the Goddess - the Goddess of Writing!!!!!

Sending you warm wishes and good energy from lake erie time 10:35pm - Colin, Tiffy and Gabriel.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 3 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Dearest Epi ~ Double chocolate shout beer? Oh, my. I did not know such a thing existed. Chocolate beer, now that would go over in Texas.

My Dad used to play Hank Williams Sr. all the time, God rest them both. But, I don't remember ever hearing the spoken pieces. I will have to check that out. I did see on Youtube, some time back, a beautiful reading by Johnny Cash about the flag. It was moving beyond words.

Thank you so much for continuing to read the crazy series that this is turning into. It's a lot of fun to write but I'm getting such a potty mouth. I have to contend, though, it's so much more fun when we just keep it real, at least the language. We can't give up the monsters! Where would science fiction be without monsters?

Elwood is kicked back chilling as he just inhaled late night turkey leftovers and the last of the pie. We send you our very best thoughts and wishes from a chilly night in Texas. God bless you and may the King of Hub-dom poetry always have happy hubbing!

epigramman profile image

epigramman 3 years ago

.......well I've had one heck of a ride ..... and a time, reading it dear Rhonda - and please don't lose your potty mouth, lol, personally speaking , I love it. lol

lake erie time 5:59am with first cup of coffee and a new one posted (again) with both cats fed and content and listening to sublime choral music to start the day .... or perhaps back to bed.

Although that apple cinnamon coffee cake looks too good to pass up.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 3 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Dearest Epi ~ You are too kind, Sir. I do appreciate it. Coffee sounds great. Elwood and I were up until the sun decided to start peaking over the world. Ed's still crashed and it's nice and quiet, just the way I like it when I first wake up.

I can't wait to read your latest. I never know what to expect which, of course, makes it all the more fun. I think I better get some coffee going myself. Elwood is being all flirty pawing and talking at me. He's ready for food. When is he not ready for food?

It's way past a decent hour to be up in Texas but Elwood and I are sending you our best. Coffee for me and kibble for him and then I think we can start doing some page surfing. God bless you, Dearest Epi, and happy, happy hubbing.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 3 years ago

Good afternoon Rhonda - back here on this sunny but windy day by the lake at lake erie time 1:09pm sending warm wishes to you and Elwood.

I've sent a whole bunch of people your way to read this fabulous masterwork of yours.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 3 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Dearest Epi - Thank you so much! You are the sweetest soul to ever grace the net. Elwood and I send warm wishes right back at you. Today, we have much to do. We need to finish posting the next installment and we have a carrot cake to bake on the agenda, not to mention the much more mundane housework. I foresee some Prince blasting though the house to drown out the vacuum. The boy banger has had me on a funk and hip hop kick for days. Have a most awesome weekend you most awesome man! God bless you.

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