Overcome Imagined Obstacles to Love with Simple Writing Therapy, poem.


As noted in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Writing is a form of “expressive therapy” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Writing_therapy

and can be beneficial in a number of ways …


Writing therapy can help one focus and understand situations, mechanisms, and people - including better understanding oneself. The process of constructing one’s thoughts into a legible, expressive, and convincing format can be a great way to learn assertiveness without being overbearing or offensive, and can present a logical and defined objective.

Written thought naturally leads one to solve problems, because once the expression is translated into the thinking language of the author, it has the ability to distill an objective rather than subjective analysis. This perspective goes through a natural refinement as it is constructed and edited, and will result in an observable crystallization of thought process, and thus enable the author to recognize and then correct any mistaken notions or questionable conclusions.

It spurs the individual to thinking the idea through, at least to a point where the conscientious author will understand that their initial “reaction” may need further study and research. Or that some questions still have to be satisfactorily answered, perhaps even by someone else, be it the person of importance, or through additional reference to schools of intelligent resource, including accredited professionals in the appropriate field of study.



A Therapy to Calm and Soothe


This writing is my way to muse

— A therapy to calm and soothe —

To collate here my thoughts succinct

In permanent form, the one of ink


Perhaps you too have some ways

To pass the moments in the days

When you might think of me at hand

But cannot reach me o’er this land



Love, only love will overcome

The barriers left or placed by some

So, dishearten not, lest drudgery

— I’d rather fight intrepidly! —


For your chaste and crimson heart

Doth virtue and sweet love impart

While courage and tenacity

We wax, us two, in harmony


For the scourge of folly past

Must not disperse our love at last

Let’s seize the valour to be strong

And forge ahead in joy and song!


Our transcendent journeys will exceed

The fastidious protocols that impede

As we welcome laurels and parry darts

We shall rise to be More Than Our Parts!


© Copyright 2009 Timothy Alexander Donnelly



When pondering a love interest, it is essential to be sensitive to the other person. When delivering a courting effort a gentle, respectful, and harmless and chat may be a great way to initialize any start. Be sure to respectfully honour known borders of communication, and always place the concerns of your intended Désirée as top priority before your own. If you discover they do not align with your good sense, you may gracefully seek other prospects, without any harm done. It is always paramount to use empathy and not pressure or selfish stratagem.

If the door is opened, remember to proceed with a circumspect heart. It is helpful to write a log of your progress. Be sure to be honest with yourself first, in order to be genuine and retain your nobility in this regard. Any change of heart through the examination of discovery (i.e.: learning more of your love interest) can be recognized, considered, and understood only if one allows themselves enough time to digest the new character, and writing is probably one of the best tools to do it with. You can even write poetry to offer and gift to the one you wish to court. This too, is one of the best ways to give AND receive an expression of thoughtfulness and charm.

If unsuccessful, the therapy of writing can be relied upon to mitigate and abbreviate the moments of pain one will undoubtedly experience if spurned. At least you have retained your dignity, and you will certainly have another opportunity in your journey of life with your inherent desire for the exclusive love of another human being.



Therapies REINFORCE Good Thoughts, right?

Is the exercise of Creative or Expository Writing therapeautic for you?

  • Yes, at one level or another - always.
  • No, it tends to be more frustrating than edifying
  • Only when I am not startled by the ideas I try to express
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Comments; Have you had to overcome obstacles placed by some to gain love?

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