Rising with the Sea.....

Puerto Escondido _ "The Hidden Port"
Puerto Escondido _ "The Hidden Port"

Stars flee

The night is done

The grey of dawn


With the rising sun.

Sounds of morn

Rise clear and bright

Cotton clouds

With golden

Shards of light

Birds on air

Send early greetings

Upon the wind


Upon their meetings

The world awakes

An inevitable pace


With the human race

Ocean swells roll blue

And green to land

And lift us in their course,

Then hush

Upon the sand

The mountains cast

Upon the water’s blue

As shadows raise

The earth

Reflected in its hue

A rabbit creeps

Along the shore, it seems

A furtive glance

And wonders

At our dreams

Bright fish

Dart past in chase


With mankind’s pace

Morning in The Bay of Conception
Morning in The Bay of Conception

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