Who Should Play Rose Hathaway in the Vampire Academy Movie


Recently it was announced that Richelle Mead, the Author of the increasingly popular vampire series, Vampire Academy has optioned off these vampire books for a movie. This is a long process, and while no studio has decided to pick it up yet, fans are growing more and more excited about seeing their favorite characters on the big screen. Along with this, fans everywhere are discussing who should play each character. And it is without doubt that the fans have very high expectations for these characters too.

Here we will discuss Rose, and who the top actress picks are.

You can check out some of the other characters at the below links.

Dimitri Belikov

Rose Hathaway

Rose is the main character, she is tall and lean, like all Dhampir's, but she is also curvy and gorgeous. She has a dangerous attitude and can fight like a mad woman. She is also young, and has a sarcastic attitude that also shapes her. She has dark eyes, and reddish brown hair.

With Rose it seems that everyone is anxious to see a new face, but this doesn't stop the fans from making their suggestions from the already known actresses out there. And, there are some pretty good suggestions out their as of now. Among them include Sophia Bush, Mila Kunis, Daneel Harris, Megan Fox, Jessica Stroup, and Lyndsy Fonseca.


Out of the above picks my eyes keep gravitating towards Odette Yustman. She has been in movies before and also played in the short lived TV series October Road. Odette seems intense and has that sense about her that tells me she can probably be pretty ferocious as well. Not to mention she is gorgeous.

My second pick would be Sophia Bush, she has that reddish, brown hair that so often identifies her. In addition, Sophia looks a lot like what I imagined Rose to look like. She has a presence about her that tells me she might be able to take on the roll of Rose quite well.

What do you think? Take the below poll to cast your vote for Rose now!

Who Should Play Rose Hathaway?

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Lily 6 years ago

tall and lean? Sounds like you're describing a Moroi... Dhampir's are typically shorter and more muscular... Rose stands at 5'7 which I would not consider particularly tall.

Tori 6 years ago

i amagined that Rose would look like a combonation of Sophie Bush and Lyndsy Fonseca.

Emily 6 years ago

I think of Rose as having long dark hair. And, like, 5'5". Odette is my pick. A few of those girls don't even have brown eyes! Books becoming movies make me nervous...I really hope this doesn't turn out to be a big fail like Twilight.

Shyla 6 years ago

Odette is my choice. She just has this air about her that makes me think of Rose

tristin 6 years ago

briana is mine she has the look of what i imaged rose and she looks about roses age the others look a little old to play a seventeen yr old dhampir.

Someone Random ;) 6 years ago

I think that Sophia Bush would fit the role of Janine much better than Rose.

Sophie 5 years ago

Rose has dark brown hair, not reddish brown. Please check the book. And FYI, Rose in Blood Promise is said to be nearly 5'7" if some are wondering.

Dawson 5 years ago

I love Odette Yustman, just not really in the picture you showed. That doesn't really seem like her to me...to intense, and much to much makeup

Veila 5 years ago

I am 5'7 and theres nothing wrong with being that tall.

Angel 5 years ago

Unfortunately for me when I first bought the book the girl on the front cover with the red hair to me was Rose once I stared reading I pictured Rose as that redhead even after she was described, no matter how hard I try I can't picture Rose any other way so I would probley be disappointed if any off those girls were picked to me they just don't remind me off her, get the model of the cover of the book to do it lol Like I said to me that's Rose lol

Angel 5 years ago

Unfortunately for me when I first bought the book the girl on the front cover with the red hair to me was Rose once I stared reading I pictured Rose as that redhead even after she was described, no matter how hard I try I can't picture Rose any other way so I would probley be disappointed if any off those girls were picked to me they just don't remind me off her, get the model of the cover of the book to do it lol Like I said to me that's Rose lol

amrika 5 years ago

i think rose can be megan fox- why dont all of you like her, she is kinda perfect, just put brown contacts and shes good to go, she also has the body and attitude, duh

my second choice is odette yustman- cause she has the attitude and kinda the body


Jenna 5 years ago

i don't think any of them would be good to play rose as they are not how i pictured her

Maddie 5 years ago

well personally i think sophia bush should play rose hathaway cus sophia bush looks just like her and she is a great actor like in the movie the hitcher tht came out i think 2 years ago sophia rocked tht movie and i cant picture anyone else to be rose especially megan fox she just cant be rose and she will probly quit in the 3 movie just like she did in transformers and tht would suck if she did cus tht would ruen the whole series of movies

Eliza 5 years ago

GET OVER SOPHIA BUSH PLAYING ROSE HATHAWAY. and please she looks NOTHING like rose I imagined and she is too old choose something that is younger and exotic.


Anya 5 years ago

Odette Yustman is too skinny to play Rose! Helloooo

Hanan 5 years ago

Every one i thing that Odette Yustam is a great option for Rose because her face look like her...For SOPHIA BUSH she is so old like Eliza says (Thank you)and i thing she's not so pretty like Rose Hathaway :D sorry for people who says Soph?a Bush.

THAT 5 years ago


BellaMamma 5 years ago

If I had to truly pick one of these actresses, I would have to say Daneel Harris...She looks like she has attitude, just like Rose. But, has anyone ever heard of the actress, Elizabeth Gillies? She's on that show Victorious. She would be a perfect Rose, cause that girl is gorgeous and she's tough and she has some major attitude! Check her out on Google and let me know what u guys think :)

laeticha 5 years ago

Odette Yustman is exactly that girl where i must think about rose hathaway

Rosemarie 5 years ago

team Odette Hathaway, com on she looks so much like rose in my mind wow that's just amazing.

Bella 5 years ago

Odette seems great, she has the looks, the figure and she´s getinted.

I think she´s the winner already.

Ambrin 5 years ago

Jessica Stroup , Shes pretty , looks like she'll fit the character as rose and looks like she will do a great job

amy 5 years ago

lyndsy fonseca

Rudy 4 years ago

Im fully behind u's who suggested odette! She 100% makes a perfect rose fit!!

tubiis 4 years ago

sophia bush..

sam 4 years ago

odette yustman is PERFECT for rose. Even before I seen her picture that is almost exactly how I pitcured Rose. She is beautiful and is an amazing actress. Odette is curvy yet slim which is exactly like rose. Someone said she is too skinny but odette yustman had an amazing body and rose should be athletic not overweight so In my opinion i think odette is awesome as rose.

I agree with someone else on here who said sophia bush should play Janine. She would be awesome too!

Rose 4 years ago

Rose has dark brown hair, not reddish brown hair.

And she is not tall at all! She is 5'7'', which is not that tall. (Trust me, I'm 5'7''). It's more an average height.

IvanaDyP 4 years ago

I would like to see L.Fonseca as Rose. I know she has blue eyes, and Rose doesn't, but they can get lens, or just leave it. It doesn't matter, because she's so beautiful, and they deccribe Rose as a beauiful girl. Also, I think she would do a hell of a job there.

Plus, I can totally picture her with Ben Barnes or Henry Cavill (in the role of Dimitri). :)

Maisa 4 years ago

sophia bush!! Even if she's 30 or something so it's just a number! besides she has the look and the attitude she can pull it off!!

Sophia bush 4 years ago

Sophia bush is amazing and awesome at playing romantic, cunning, hilarious, beautiful, dramatic, strong, and powerful. She would be the best Rosemarie Hathaway. She is the perfect image I see for rose Hathaway. Definitely not odette yustman

Erica 4 years ago

Odette is definitely my pick for Rose she is exactly what I picture Rose would look like. Its in the eyes she has such raw passion

ggftdrdr 4 years ago

lyndsy fonseca

AnzRox 4 years ago

Why are all these choices so.... OLD. Half of these girls don't even look like this anymore! I mean, seriously! -.- & if anyone paid attention to the OFFICIAL VA movie page, you'd know that an UNKNOWN Rose won any and all Rose polls... We need NEW faces and YOUNGER faces.

cdolphina2 profile image

cdolphina2 4 years ago from Missouri, United States

For the role of Rose, I would like to see Phoebe Tonkin or Lyndsy Fonseca. If neither of them are available, then an unknown actress should be cast as the main character. I just hope that the producers who are casting the characters do not screw them up and cast the people that would best fulfill the role.

Katie Lineback profile image

Katie Lineback 3 years ago

I love who the picked to play Rose. After watching the trailers that have been released, the actress nails the sarcasm of Rose. The actress for Rose is perfect. The ones you show would be suited to play an older Rose not the high school Rose we meet in the books.

Genevieve Griffith 2 years ago

I personally imagined Rose to look more like Daneel Harris. I think she's perfect for the role, but we won't all agree, I understand what Richelle said.

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