Mostly A Human

Still you say i have lost my way

And like a trembled tree i sway

But i am human so i fall

And maybe in the end all

I need is your faith & belief in me

For i do what i can and destiney's to be

And in the end i am of spirit and bone

And i do feel emotion & to pain i'm prone

A human down to the last tiny bone

And like any person i need a place to claim home

And maybe i am as hard headed as a rock

But i aint a person who'd follow a flock

And i sure have some thoughts of my own

For i ain't some person's clone

I walk this world with ferm steps

Like a todler with baby steps

one step after the other

And so i've learned to try harder

I might have my bad side

but i sure won't hide

I am a humble being deep down inside

For this life ain't an easy ride

I cry i hate i love and detest but i don't hide

ANd my pride and honor i sure cherish

Though sometimes i am called selfish

I have a lot to hope for and to wish

But little things in life make happiness

I have to confess

I might have a soul 

But i need you to keep me whole

All you need is to stand by my side

For you can be my sunlight my guide

I hope you love me as much as i do

For you are life's resonating hue


we do come into this world crying

Angry shouting not smiling

Yet at the end i hope i die smiling

Hoping i've made a difference in my life & done the right

While having a clear conscience when crossing into the light

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Mentalist acer 6 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

A beautifuly bold and pogniant verse Uriel;)

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