Mothball Mind

There's a hole in the fabric of my memory

A jagged tear in the cloth of this reality

Never knowing quite what to believe

Can't find peace there's no relief

Hide in silence, don't make a sound

Flew too high now I'm hitting the ground

Condemned to play, black hearts once pure

An endless game that has no cure

Aching with the weight of shame

Nothing to lose and just yourself to gain

Pandora's box has come unsealed

Opening wounds that will never heal

Demons whisper they can teach if you'll learn

Watch the bad guys win and the good guys burn

Who dares wins at least that's what they say

Come on in and don't be afraid

Sinking into your garden of bliss

Ignore the fallen and sink their ships

Burn their cities, loot their stores

Don't stop now come back for more

It's the movie of your life you're centre stage

Entombing your emotions in a chemical cage

A bit too much but soon you'll beg for more

Earn your rejection 'cus you just gotta score

Darkness welcomes you into its arms

A short sharp scratch won't do you no harm

Pull your blanket close to ward off the chill

Enjoy the danger, live for the thrill

Gamble your final gifts away

The man is here and it's time to pay.


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