Mother's Day Poem

We often ask, why me dear Lord?

Who am I to receive such a reward?

The child you've given is a blessing from above

Sent down from heaven to be showered with love

I am weak, sometimes scared, to make a mistake

I press on with the chose for me to partake

Who am I to receive such a reward?

To raise a child of my own accord

Each step I take I hope is the right direction

As my child follows behind with pure innocent affection

I am a mother, who will offer her lifelong love and protection

Who am I to receive such a reward?

I am a mother...trusted with a life to mold

Until their gifts begin to unfold

Then I will take a step back and behold

My child has become the person I helped to shape

Who am I to receive such a reward?

I am a mother who was given a gift so rare...a life to raise, guide and share

I am a mother........

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SirDent 8 years ago

Very nice and written with great emotion. I expected a picture of your child at the bottom but that's ok. I wrote an acrostic poem for my Mother last Mother's Day if you might want to read it. I'll check back laterand see if it's OK to post the link here.

Lisa Petrarca profile image

Lisa Petrarca 8 years ago Author

I actually have three children and three step-children and each one is such a blessing in my life. I wrote the poem in honor of each individual child. I will definitely post a picture. I would love to read your poem. Thanks for the comment.

SirDent 8 years ago

Thank you for wanting to read my poem. The link is

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