Moving To That High-Rise In The Sky.


Moving to that high rise in the sky.

When the foreclosure of the mind
cause the spirit to vacate the housing
leaving behind an estate that was once real
the first act is to shutter the portals
that looked out on the world
with long fleshy folds pulled down
and stitched tightly in place
then the entire place is opened up
and aired out, the interior furnishings
are removed and weighed
later a report is written on the causes
and the damages that were left
usually the structure is too demolished
to reinhabit so everything is tidied up
perserved in it's historic condition
and sealed in a box appropriate to
hold all the contents
these are then carefully moved
into several viewing locations
and all who once loved what this
home for the soul stood for
gather and remember the times spent
in it's prescence.....
then it joins all the other
shells of life once full
all the woman and man shuns
left empty and crumbling
it joins all who are condemned
to one last tiny piece of real estate
where it will remain
as remains to be seen
only under a marker
of granite and sod....
thus begins that move to
the high rise in the sky.






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