Mr. Lucky (short fictional story for kids)

Fictional story I wrote for my kids

Mr. Lucky hasn't always been known as Mr. Lucky--in fact, it wasn't until just last week that people began calling him that. All of his life he had answered to the name of Herberteous Bewilderness Kersnotsinghambone.

Did you just ask yourself if his name was really Herberteous Bewilderness Kersnotsinghambone?

It was.

Herberteous Bewilderness Kersnotsinghambone was well known in his little town of Ah. Everyone in Ah knew that he didn't really like his name--so they all called him Bill.

Now, how they came up with the name Bill as a nickname, I don't know. I mean, think about it--Herb, Bert, or Herbert, maybe--but Bill? It just makes no sense to me.

Anyway, uh, Bill, as he is called--or was until they started calling him Mr. Lucky--decided to make a name for himself by walking across the Arkansas River on a tightrope (not that he didn't already have a name--you see...well, never mind).

Last week he spent two days rigging up a strong cable that stretched all the way across the river. He used Mr. Smith's boat to string out the cable, and then he fastened the two ends to stout trees--one on each side of the river.

For two days he worked like a wild man--rowing this way and that in Mr. Smith's little boat--mumbling and growling while he worked.

The people of Ah oohed when he scrambled up a tree on the north side of the river with the cable in his teeth and tied it in a huge knot--and then the people of Ah aahed when he repeated the feat on the south side of the river, scrambling up a big old oak tree while holding the steel cable in his teeth.

He tugged and pulled and grunted as he pulled the cable tighter and tighter. Finally, he had it tight enough to walk on and then he jumped down from the tree with a great big smile plastered on his face.

The next day, people from all over the county came to watch him walk across the river. The people of Ah clapped and cheered noisily as Bill, in his best suit and tie, climbed way up in the tree and slowly inched out onto the cable--while the people from all over the county just watched in amazement.

Bill went very, very slowly--inch by inch. He would slip one foot forward and then carefully slide the other one behind it.

Bill was scared.

News reporters scribbled notes as they prepared to write stories about this amazing man, while photographers snapped picture after picture of him.

Bill inched his way out on the cable and tried not to look down at the water rushing under him. A news helicopter hovered nearby while a man with a camera dangled out the side, filming the entire episode.

Bill kept his eyes on the cable that stretched out on and on in front of him--while he inched his way forward.

A big bird landed on the cable in front of him and Bill wobbled a bit, trying to keep his balance. The people of Ah covered their mouths with their hands and groaned with worry for Bill.

A drop of sweat rolled down Bill's face.

The bird squawked and hopped up and down. Bill waved his arms around, trying to keep his balance as the cable lurched under him.

The bird squawked louder and flapped his wings angrily.

Bill inched his way closer to the bird. He would lose his balance if he ever stopped--and there was no way to turn around.

The people of Ah talked of getting Farmer Jones to shoot the bird--he was the best shot around here--but Farmer Jones just spat in the dirt and declared that at the distance he would have to shoot, the bullet might just chop the cable in two if he missed the bird.

The bird fluffed himself up importantly and shook his head back and forth.

Bill inched closer and closer.

The people from all over the county covered their children's eyes, expecting Bill to fall at any moment. The people of Ah just stared.

Just when it looked like the end for Bill, the big bird suddenly wiggled a little and then flew up and away from the cable--Bill was startled by the sudden movement and his foot slipped sideways. He fought for his balance, then, with his arms waving wildly, he fell!

The people of Ah screamed and the people from all over the county nodded that I told you so nod.

Bill waved his arms around and caught the cable in his hands! the people of Ah gasped as Bill held himself there high above the river.

Now what?

Suddenly, the tree on the north side of the river slowly began to tilt! The cable sagged slowly toward the river. Bill clutched the cable tightly in his hands.

The people of Ah stared in disbelief.

The people from all over the county just stared.

Just about the time Bill's feet touched the water, the big tree groaned and then toppled sideways into the water! Bill went into the water with a big splash!

When the roots of the big tree popped out of the ground, oil surged up from the hole where the tree had been--Bill had uncovered a massive oil supply!

Now they call him Mr. Lucky.

Note: This is one of the silliest stories I have ever written, but my kids seemed to like it. :)

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Tina Irene 6 years ago

Looks like I'm a kid, then, 'cause I really like this story!

Godslittlechild profile image

Godslittlechild 6 years ago

I really liked this story! Thanks!

Lowell's Notes profile image

Lowell's Notes 6 years ago Author

Tina, too :)

Godslittlechild, Glad you enjoyed this :)

keira7 profile image

keira7 6 years ago

Love it, just great. See you soon. God Bless.

Lowell's Notes profile image

Lowell's Notes 6 years ago Author

Thanks for taking time to read this :)

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