Murder Of Crows


I got bamboozled by my tee vee

I got cornered by calligraphy

I got stuck in the corner of the five and dime

Can't read the clocks but I'm doing my time

I'm searching the ether for a reasonable rhyme

But you

Got saturated by the satellites

Got knocked over by an endless night

Got put in the museum with the mummies and kings

Strung up and strung out and can't cut the strings

Wandering and wondering on wistful wings

It's true

A murder of crows came for me

A covey of quail I could hear but not see

I got mauled I got mangled and misapplied

Manhandled by misanthropes who never lied

About their last days and the ways they died

I'll sue

copyright (c) 2014 christopher neal

All rights reserved

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jhamann profile image

jhamann 2 years ago from Reno NV

Brilliant! Jamie

Chris Neal profile image

Chris Neal 2 years ago from Fishers, IN Author

Thank you, Jamie!

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