Music Man

let it be always remembered

that i used to be

one of the old street preachers

of Athens

not a sophist

i was a gadfly

who would serenade

all the women

with the hope

that those who were able to hear

my songs

would learn of me

to make love to life

before they fell

naked, sweating, alive

into my bed, gently

going into

that good night

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Lalit 2 years ago

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Riya 2 years ago

I, too, had this problem; I work 16 hour night sithfs and I had difficulties shutting off my head and leaving my work behind. I actually found an OTC sleep aid that worked and didn't cause any problems with my asthma, residual grogginess or other side effects. It's generic name is doxylamine succinate and it's an antihistamine, found at Wal-Mart for only a few dollars a box. I urge you to try this before you totally give up.Make sure your bedroom is quiet, dark and comfortable. Don't read or watch tv in bed, anything you do in bed besides what's supposed to be done can trick your brain into thinking that it needs to focus on something else than sleep at that particular time. Other than that, sit in a quiet room and read a book. It may also help if you take a warm bath, listen to music or drink a soothing, warm drink of your choice. Don't watch tv or surf the net until you're sleepy, it's too consuming. Make sure that everything is done for the day and the only thing left is for you to go to bed. Read until you can barely hold your eyes open and then go to bed!I found this to be the only thing to shut my brain off when I needed to sleep-the stress of work and the hours that I work shifted my focus from sleeping.I hope I've helped and that you find relief soon, God bless.

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