Musical Cars

The newest game all parking lots and cars are playing

I am sure you all know about the game called ‘musical chairs’

There’s no point in talking about game and besides that's not the game your cars are playing!

Want to know the newest game all cars are playing?

Well I am here to warn and prevent a bit of heartache

If not in time for this Christmas Season

At least you will have the heads up for the next season of joy!

Here is how the game plays out.

First one car will play the game; fearfully aware the consequences can be severe,

If the owners catch on a trade in could happen in that cars New Year!

Car owners gets to the parking lot of whatever store is next on the list of chores to tackle

From The Mall of America to Big Lots and best of all Wal-Mart!

The destination does not matter,

It’s the parking lot that starts the dice rolling so the games can begin.

The owner gets out, locks up the car and hurries inside to gather goodies for the Day of Santa Claus!

The car is shivering with anticipation

What a lovely prank to pull on owners unaware of the power they ignore all year long!

If they knew would the outcome be different?

Could it be averted?


Mayhap not.

Once the owner is out of sight the car shakes off its nerves and POOSH!

Changes their position in the parking lot!

Such giggles, such covered mouths of anxious glee!

But all that people see are puffs of carbon showing in the cold air

Or maybe they notice small pops from hoods and think to themselves

“Oh that’s just metal expanding and contracting in the cold air.”

Watch now as their owners emerge, arms clutching treasures to their chest.

See their confusion and chagrin when they think to themselves

“I forgot where I parked my car!”

The cars all laugh to see such a sight and some even say

“Let’s leave them like this! Don’t they deserve it for ignoring us all year?”

But parking lot reminds them

“This is Only a game, play Nice or Forfeit your turn!”

The cars all sigh then laugh it off and quick as can be with a WHOOSH!

They return to their original parking space.

Their owners all think it’s because they used the key fob to make the horn blow

They think that is how they found where their car was parked!

Silly owners!

It was Parking Lot and their own vehicle that played them for fools,

That made their heart race with the thought that maybe

It was their mind that was lost or their car had been stolen!

You can laugh or you can say

“Oh that is all just poppycock! Cars cannot play games!”

But I challenge you to watch carefully next time you have to sit in the car and wait

While the one you love is inside shopping.

See the people’s faces when they come out and look perplexed around the lot for their own car!

If you are sly and peek from the corner of your eye

I bet you will glimpse just a shifting of air, perhaps a shimmer of colour

That will be the second a car is returning to its owner!

So now, you know the game of Musical Cars

And you are forewarned because the games will begin again

Next fall from the time when holiday lights are strung

To the last minute shopping of Christmas Eve.

Although there is talk of a rule changer, a prototype car

That might be a ringer

But that is all it is at this point; is just talk.

Parking Lot says humans cannot play with magic

Magic belongs to the Season and Season is loyal only to Cars in the Parking Lot!

Have you ever?

Do you believe in magic?

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Jodah profile image

Jodah 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

Different but interesting. Now I know why I often have trouble finding my car in the parking lot. This made me smile.

RNMSN profile image

RNMSN 2 years ago from Tucson, Az Author

Thank you Jodah! This was fun to write :) I think the dustbunnies in my house want me to tell their story now :) that may be my next poem/prose/story whatever :)

Jodah profile image

Jodah 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

Wow a hub about dust bunnies RMSN, I await that with bated breath :)

RNMSN profile image

RNMSN 2 years ago from Tucson, Az Author

:) one of them is named Dahoj...a sarcastic but fun loving Aussie dust bunny who feels it is his mission in life to get his toilet to flush in a clockwise direction :)

Jodah profile image

Jodah 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

Haha good one...he sounds familiar.

RNMSN profile image

RNMSN 2 years ago from Tucson, Az Author

he means well!

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