My Brother and the Waterfall

My Brother and the Waterfall

Yesterday, there was a security blanket
In our eyes when we saw the lake.
Splashing, falling… echoes.

My younger brother and I jumped
Into the pool of happiness.
Cannonball, Swan Dive... memories.

It’s a new day... it’s dawn...
But the sun isn't here.

Clouds of impending doom
Silence our innocence.

My brother is gone
And strangers are here,
Emerging from
Our swimming haven.

Have they always been there?

By myself, I leapt once more.
This time into a fiery ball of faith,
And suited with an armor of wonder;
Off to find my brother.

Written July 30, 2010. This is based off of a picture that a friend had given to me. It was from some contest, although I did not enter the contest, I just wrote the poem. I think that despite the fact it's based on a picture, it works much better without it, as it adds to the mystery. If I get enough requests, I would be more than happy to hunt down the picture and post a link to it.

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maven101 profile image

maven101 6 years ago from Northern Arizona

Welcome to HubPages...

Interesting prose...Philosophy is the art of wondering...Stay in the present, appreciate the past, and plan for the future...If you have a " brother " along to take the ride with you, all the better...Thanks for the share...Larry

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