My Destined Insanity


My Destined Insanity

The rued stillness of numbing consequences

That defy the deftly logical and sane senses

Dawned upon my being like glaciers

Never merging with submerging piers

I stayed afloat and swam the unsaid miles

I walked immersed on surface amidst smiles

I didn’t have tears to shed with droplets abound

I had but truth defaced as virtues surround

Two souls who sold the plot weren’t to be found

It was this ironic harmony in all dreams around

I moved and shifted my momentum in the moment

That defied the incredulously momentous lament

I emerged, I stayed afloat, I breathed fire in agony

I stayed put, undeterred by unsettling cacophony

I am but a being at the helm of immature clarity

I’d stay alive, perilous, to live the Destined Insanity

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