My Fish

It was my birthday and my father had been very busy at work, so when he came home, he says to me "Sorry daughter, I know I have been busy and really have

not made time for you". He is still talking in a soft tone, also says "How would you like to go to a pet store this Saturday and pick out a pet you would like to bring home"?

"Really can we"? I say with excitement in my voice. "Yes, at 10:30 am we will go there

o.k". "O.K" I say.

Well Saturday morning came I was so excited. I woke up at 9 am. Since I am just a kid I had made my mom and dad breakfast, well if that's what you call scrambled

eggs the shell pieces in them, toast you could use as a doorstop, and cereal with milk all over the tray. I opened the door and said "Good morning mom and dad". "Oh how nice you made us breakfast". I could tell by the look on their faces they weren't to sure about it, but they smiled and ate it anyways.

"Dad when you are done can we leave for the pet store"? "Sure a promise is a promise". So I go and get dressed, brush my teeth and off we go my dad and I.

As we arrived at the pet store my dad says "Do you have any idea of what kind of pet

you want"? "I sure do, a big orange goldfish" I say.

As we enter the store there are so many pets. I see snakes, birds, turtles,

dogs, cats and a lot of different fish. In the corner of the store I notice a big orange

goldfish all alone in a fish tank. "Dad, I want this one so it will not be lonely anymore". "O.k that's the one then" he says.

Before we leave the store we buy fish food, a goldfish bowl and different color rocks. A little book for me so I can take care of my goldfish the right way. The

cashier takes our money and says "Have a nice day, enjoy your new pet". My dad and I at the same time say "Thank you, have a nice day too". We get back in the truck and on the way home my heart filled with warmth and joy. Knowing I have a pet of my own and my dad was there with me.

"Thank you father this is a day I will never forget"I say with a smile on my face. "You're welcome", he says, "I am glad we spent this time together and you picked out a pet you can love". "So daughter, what is the name going to be or have you not thought of one yet"? "I have", I say, "It's Saturday".



                                       Copyright by  Sheila Hall


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