My Genuine Disdain

My Genuine Disdain

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Disingenuous people shred my melon.

They lurch into life like mutant featherless vultures,

dragging the naive into their creative press,

and smothering them in lubricant.

How I despise their antics, their phoney smiles,

the preening of egos their prideful penchant,

their swollen views paled by self-importance,

their mask the weapon of choice.

How do they sleep at night,

wallowing in their proclivity,

their deceitful lies and pretence,

fooling nobody.

How then do I rid my life of these affectations?

or remove their spines without attention?

How do I begin to dislodge their smarmy faces,

without spilling blood on my trousers.

These and many other reasons why,

my thoughts of disdain remain,

for all those dishonest, two-faced bastards

that have appeared in my life.

Honesty I hold dear to my heart.

For it is the seed of trust,

the platform on which relationships are built.

Unless truth rules you, keep away.

Sometimes murder seems like a good idea.

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