My Harem Is falling out.

My Harem Is Falling Out.


Imagine being

a more-man,
having more

women than

any other man
one could face

monthlies that

are not a curse,
sleeping with Jan,

April, May, June,

Autumn and Summer,
a girl for every night

of the week as well,
I think I would be

weak as well, hell!!
imagine if they

all started nagging,
and then those

shoe bills rolled in... "Yikes!!"
it would take three

jobs plus nights,
who would have

time to fool around.
plus you gotta add

thirty seven babies
all squalling for

bottles at three A.M.
and though I love kids,

I'd be hopping
in and out of bed

like a yo-yo on steroids.
Goodnight kisses

would be like a

line a dizzy-land.
I think I'll stick

with one woman,
they learn all your quirks,
and tolerate them eventually
plus they tend to

grow on you as

the years go by...
till you miss 'em

a whole lot more man...

when their gone.


Beyond Mere Words To Paradise.


When words

are not enough,
let your fingers

paint expressions,
on the soft curves

of her cheeks.
Let the silence of a kiss
speak in tongues

and warm bondings,
Allow your eyes

to reflect her moods,
in four mirrors

of passion shared,
Smile as your bodies

meld in a communication

as old as time itself.
Let love whisper

in the wisps of
skin on skin with poetic fervor.
Become even more poetic
in a physical way,
as a couplet joined in
blissful lines and curves.
Let the night be your ink
revealing breathless endearments,
that elude even the best poets.
When words are not enough,
let the language of your bodies,
shout with sheer joy.

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Comments 3 comments

seasoning 6 years ago

hmmm i was so sad when those words came to end.... delightful

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

"let the language of your bodies, shout with sheer joy"

All is quiet!

SheZoe profile image

SheZoe 5 years ago from Idaho, USA

i love the moreman poem. what a vivid way to bring reality smack dab into "everymans" fantasy. i grinned all the way through n then a sad smile at the end

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