My Journey Over A Wretched Psycho-path.

My Journey Over A Wretched Psycho-Path.

Let oblivion fall,


not only beneath

my flesh shuttered eyes,

but in my soul,

my heart, my limbs.

Wings clipped,

my soul becomes a rock

grounding me to a heart,

that squats empty

of all false hopes,

fingers clenched into claws,

paralyzed from any further touch,

poisoned caresses

that lead to my feet

now standing alone.

Let despair

my only friend,

dwell now in the well

of my mind,

deep in that

depression that once


flowed with the poetry

of life drawn daily,

my tongue bone dry,

but I thirst no more,

I am inebriated by pain.

I am but a grain sand,

one of many

countless minions,


slipping through a tiny

fragile glass hole

into times emptiness

that waits below.



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Poohgranma profile image

Poohgranma 5 years ago from On the edge

such a raw open wound ... is there no balm?

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