Till At Last My Journey's End

To make you think
To make you think
Old Sowell Field Cemetery
Old Sowell Field Cemetery | Source
Mother | Source
Monroe County booklet
Monroe County booklet | Source

The song of my soul~

Lord bring me truth and bring me light,

To save my soul from darkest night;

When strength within has took its flight,

Help me escape from sin and vice.

Let me discover the souls abode,

Where grace may lead to wisdoms trove;

Peace of mind upon me roll,

Lead me straight up heaven’s road.

On him my health and countenance pend,

His blood being shed to cancel my sin;

With oil of gladness I stand above,

Reaching out for highest crest’s of love.

Called of God to kneel and pray,

Let me seek him day by day;

No one knows as well as I,

To fall not on to evil’s ways.

Taking fast hold in evening light,

Holding to the saviors skillful hands;

He’ll ever guide me through the land,

Till at last my journey’s end.



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