My Little KITTY (poem)


The melle through which I pass
I saw a red and yellow, blue and green
Swatting a small spotted Kitty,
Tried to stole a delicious cake.

Painting little fury body and
The aching eyes looked at me.
Cried with a less voice mee mee.

One, two, three swatted the red.
Three, four, five swatted the yellow.
Six, seven, eight flew and green
Throwed the kitty up to the space.

My shaked mind could no longer
Wait to see the next
I ran, save the Kitty to treat it well.

As now when i call
Hai; Ha, joy Hi joy jo joy Do joy
He will take the ball
That my little yellow kitty
Runs with joy, jumps with joy
Will give the ball to me then wait
For the ball to come.
Now in the small aching eyes
I can see a mothers dream
As now when I call Oy, Woy, Hoy,
Hi Hoy Joy they will join
Take the ball and will throw to me.

As I tried to heed their life.
They lend a hand to me of happiness
Now the aching eyes in the Kitty dreamed
Dreams dancing dreams
As we lend a hand of help to the poor
Whether small or big, Do or Die

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