My Lucky Numbers Are 547

For Today Only

How could that be ?

Lucky numbers for one day only ?

Yes, that's true I have reached a point in my life where these three numbers

Mean so much to me

Why ?

That is the mystery I hope to unravel as I tell my story

Writing as you know takes lots of time

Putting other projects aside

Turning the t.v. off

Giving it my all

Trying to find a link within myself

To let my stories write themselves

That I can trigger and fire at will

One that will make me feel so awesome

LIke a vitamin and a power pill

An energy drink and a good breakfast combined

A late night snack that won't make you fat

Sleep that refreshes my mind and my soul

I let the good thoughts come and the bad thoughts go

This is my mission and I will chase it as far as the desert

Ride it up a hill or down a slide

Each time I try I go higher and farther than before

So all I can say is thanx to all who have driven with me in the deep snow

Laughed longer than anyone I know

More fun is waiting so I have to cut this short and sweet

Each time I learn more about life and the world we live

I open my hand and still find more to give


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