My New Dating Profile - A Poem

Hey look! It's actually Me!
Hey look! It's actually Me!

Hi, my name's Lee, I'm single,

Got no piercings or tattoos,

No history of violence,

Or sexual abuse.

In fact frankly I'm quite normal,

And some would say a catch,

"But then why Lee are you single?"

Is what you all eventually ask!

I always attract the weirdos.

The psychos and the nuts,

If she's missing half her picnic,

Then it's clearly me she wants.

But please no bunny boilers,

And don't threaten me with death,

I pray each night for Miss Sanity,

With nice eyes and matching breasts.

Hi, my name's Lee,

I'm slightly balding,

and write poems just for fun.

But I won't try to steal your money,

Or ask to do you up the bum!

So if you like eccentric,

And laughing all day's your thing,

Then message me your number,

And maybe I'll give you a ring :D

(Or probably a few txts first as I can be shy n that....)

Copyright, Lee Douglas, Feb 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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marywanders profile image

marywanders 4 years ago from minnesota

While I am not brazen,

it sure is amazin,

the gamut you have run.

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