My Nights In Shining Armor Come.


My Nights In Shining Armor Come.




My nights
in shining

armor come
and in them
I find shelter,
from the slings

and arrows
of stress that
pummels me


the day.

I don thier

black weight
and venture forth
alone with my
chain mail thoughts,
to mount

the steed
of dreams

who runs
boldly through

the twisted
landscapes of


I slay what's

been dragon
me down

severing it's
ugly rearing head
before it devours

my hopes .

My lance

is a pen
and I swing it
in long strokes
sweeping doubt and
disillusion from my path.

Once a slave

to a royal typewriter
attempting to

woo fair maidens
with sonnets of love,
I now ride boldly
over the white fields
of endless possibilities
forging straight

ahead online
and doing the

write things
in the kingdom

of web

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Kelyi 7 years ago

Leads, this is a fantastic write - I wonder though can you apply some line spacing as it feels like a quick run-on thought - it's beautiful and one of the best I have read of your distinguished poetry.kelyi from OMC

MFB III profile image

MFB III 7 years ago from United States Author

Kelyi, thaks for stopping in and critiquing my poem, I fixed the run on stanzas, i am so busy posting here and trying to get all of my work up, and hope to come back through and ecit the rushed work. Leave it to me to do it the hard way. I hope you stick around and post here, i have had almost 6,500 reada and many many comments on this site, so it is rewarding. To bad About O.M.C. I t made me sad to see it go.~~~MFB III

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