My Ideas for books im going to write

one idea or start of one, please help with any suggestions

Long, slow, passionate kisses, she never realized just how much she was in love until this very moment. Looking back on all the sweet nights she has had with him makes her realize that she does not ever want to let him go. Every time he kisses her, as he is running his quick, nimble fingers over her body, she tingles and quivers all over. Every time they join together, they become one and instantly know it was meant to be. She has always wanted him for as long as she has known him and does not want to lose him. She knew this would be they day, that special day, when her soulmate would take something from her on a very special day. It is a moment that she wants to last forever, a moment that she will never forget.

They had just been married after have being together for three years before. They are so truely, madely, deeply in love and they do not intend on letting anybody interfere in their life. They are intending to be together for the rest of their lives.
For Tom and Rachel Brady, they are living the american dream. Tom has an awesome career and the love of his life right beside him every step of the way.

The Twins: They want to Dance

Mary and Ashley-Marie
were waking up one morning
Not even thinking of what could happen
They were brushing their teeth
and brushing their hair
when they heard their brother yell up to them
"Time for breakfast you two, get down here!"
so they hurried and got dressed
and raced each other downstairs
Their mother yelled,
"Now please don't run"
They said okay
and said they would not do it again
Mother was pleased with her twins
They were very smart
and amusing
but one day
Mary and Ashley-Marie wanted to dance
Now they don't mean just dancing at the house
They mean ballet dancing
So one day they walked up to their mother 
and said together,
"Mommy we want to do ballet" 
so their mother said okay
and they went that day to see if they could sign up
they were so excited 
they were dancing all around the house
They would say
"Hey look at us, 
we are ballerinas"
They were actually quite good
because when their teacher took one look at them
she said,
"Yup They will be the star's of the class!"
They always go dancing through the house
But they are always careful
Not to break anything
Mother and father
and even big brother
go to watch them at their recitals
when they are ready to dance
they absolutely love this dance
they will stay in it
for a very long time!

The Twins (children's story)

In a small town
with not very many people living there
Lived two little girls
with their parents and big brother
now these two little girls
they were twins
nobody could tell them apart
they dressed alike
they talk alike
they even walked and sung alike
they went everywhere together
they even had the same friends
they are two little girls
that are very smart
they never forget each other
and they always remember where they left each other
now these two little twins 
were so short
that they stood on top of one another
to get the cookie jar
when their big brother wouldn't get it for them
if nobody would help them
they would find a way to do it
these two little twins were only five years old
but they were very adventurous anyway
they went everywhere
to the store with their mother
to their father's work
to their big brothers school
to their own school
or just to the back yard to explore
they do a lot of different things
but the one thing they like the most is
staying home and listening to the radio or
watching TV with their brother
these to little girls
like to help people out
they like to have fun
with all of their little friends
These two little girls are
Mary and Ashley-Marie
now when it is time
to get a bath
they go to the bathroom
and get in the bathtub
then they eat supper
and watch a little tv
then their mom says, 
"Mary and Ashley-Marie,
it is time to go to sleep."
so they pull down the covers
and they go to sleep.
And that's the end
of a hard day of play.

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xxtonybxx profile image

xxtonybxx 5 years ago from wales

I liked the writing for your book idea, very vivid and thought provoking, but I think you could benefit from expanding on the plot a little. "For Tom and Rachel Brady, they are living the american dream. Tom has an awesome career and the love of his life right beside him every step of the way." This actually sounds like the back page description, but as I was reading it I was waiting for something along the lines of "but tom/rachel has a secret, a secret that does not fit into this dream, a secret that is about to come out....." or something. Loved the kids books. I have a four year old and I love making up stories for her and my neice (also four) and I fully intend to read these to them, thanks :). I have published the prologue and chapter one for my idea for a book on here, would be grateful if you could have a read and give your opinion.

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