My Pride

Willow Tree
Willow Tree | Source
Rope Bridge
Rope Bridge | Source

My Pride

Here I sit stagnant

between disturbia and progression

I can stay where it is safe

half way between what is known and what is wonder

I can hide in fear

of what is above, below and asunder

I can hold you in a darkness

like a blanketing shadow around me

Obscure and unknown

I am distant, guarded and overthrown

I breathe in , I breathe out

I breathe trust , I breathe doubt

I am cluttered, scattered; amidst a divide

and I lay down this bridge

to cross on my pride....

Catherine Povloski

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missingyou profile image

missingyou 5 years ago from Canada

Nice tokigostudio1, the bridge metaphor is really perfect.

tokigostudio1 profile image

tokigostudio1 5 years ago from Panama City Beach, Florida Author

Many thanks!

japanesefiction profile image

japanesefiction 4 years ago from Chicago

wonderful, beautiful poetry! I thought about the bridge wording also, I had just reviewed a book that talked about metaphors for bridges and crossing the bridge vs. facing the bridge, here is link if u are interested:

tokigostudio1 profile image

tokigostudio1 4 years ago from Panama City Beach, Florida Author

Thank You! I will check it out!

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