My Sister Now Lives in Heaven

My Angelic Sister


My Sister Who Lives in Heaven

Softly, quietly she sits beside me, I feel her presence

At times of utmost need I close my eyes and see her smile, iradescent

A tingling touch on my shoulder and I know she is near

I ask for her help with those we both hold dear

To watch over and protect them

To comfort and guide them

My sister with wings in heaven above

Knows now how very much she is loved.

Inspiration For This Poem

I am not a poet but I felt inspired to write this poem about my sister because she was very important in my life. Sadly I did not get the chance to tell her before she passed away.

We had had a falling out a number of years before she died - in retrospect, over stupid things. And I now wish I had put all of that aside and just gone to see her when she was so ill.

Seems so silly how I had not spoken with her in years and now talk to her nearly every day. I ask her to watch over other members of our family when they are going through hard times.

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Von Haul Richy 5 years ago

the poem of my sister who lives in heaven its so exciting to me, since because it reminds me about my brother Pascal Haule who went at heaven when was 2007 year. That time i was in class twelve. I surely had a shock above his death, but there was noway to avoid his death. Inspite of the fact that he was paying for my studies. But until now am a heart broken boy. Hence thanks for your nice poem.

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 5 years ago

Christine , very nice tribute , You're right , they are with us. Be well. :-]

Christine P Ann profile image

Christine P Ann 5 years ago from Australia Author

Von Haul, sorry to hear about your brother Pascal it is very difficult losing a brother or sister. Happy you like my poem. Thank you for your comment.

Ahorseback, thanks for stopping by, yes they are always near. :)

fucsia profile image

fucsia 5 years ago

Very touching poem Christine. The link between two sister is very deep, so that it can not be ruined by some silly behaviours. If you hold her close to you, she still lives in your thoughts.

Christine P Ann profile image

Christine P Ann 5 years ago from Australia Author

Thank you fucsia I do indeed feel so much closer to her now.

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 5 years ago from Chicago

Your poem is beautiful. We rarely know when might be the last time we will see someone. We should love them while we can. Thank you for sharing your creative gifts.

Christine P Ann profile image

Christine P Ann 5 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks so much for your feedback James. I always keep that lesson in mind now and tell those close to me how important they are.

jorja kick profile image

jorja kick 5 years ago from southeast georgia

I love this poem it is close to my heart I have read it several times and when i try to comment it says something went wrong try hopefully I haven't posted this everytime I come back and read it.

I had an estranged brother ..I want to thank you for sharing and I will try again to vote up..


Christine P Ann profile image

Christine P Ann 5 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks for your vote jorja, looks like it finally worked! :) Some lessons are just so difficult to learn aren't they? and in my case, I didn't learn it until it was too late to tell mys sister how much she meant to me. This is why I like to believe that she is always close and knows now how much she is on my mind.

Fennelseed profile image

Fennelseed 5 years ago from Australia

Your poem is just beautiful, Christine and demonstrates that your relationship with your sister is stronger than ever. I am sure she forgives you and now cherishes your conversations with her. Your continuing relationship with your sister, across the realms, provides me with so much hope and comfort. Thank you for sharing these words and for providing healing comfort to those who read them. My votes to you.

Christine P Ann profile image

Christine P Ann 5 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks so much for your comment Fennelseed :)

joy l. 4 years ago

this is inpirational to me...i miss my twin sister so much when i read this poem esp. its our birthday.your poem has lots of connection in my daily life.million thanks ....5 stars for this poem christine.....

Christine P Ann profile image

Christine P Ann 4 years ago from Australia Author

Thank you joy l. I am so glad that it connected with you :)

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