My Southern Black Brother by Candace Brown


On one knee, I apologize

For the verbal beatings

The abuse

The way we roll our eyes when we speak to you

The way we spit fire into your dreams and goals

The way we tell you what you're not instead of praising what's in your soul

On one knee, I apologize

That I've been a broken backbone for you

And the supportive words our grandmothers said

I don't say them to you

I don't tell you I'm proud of you for the small things you achieve

I sit around with my hand held out, asking what you have for me

On one knee, I apologize

I don't know where I went wrong

We battled the world for centuries

Now you're fighting the world alone

Now that I apologized, let me tell you what I think of you

My chocolate, tan, and jet black brother

there is strength in all you do

You stretch a dollar to feed your family

with still a smile on your face

You work your way through career and universities

to get to a better place

You even make an old piece of car look like it's brand new

You're so creative in your style that

Chrysler stole its designs from you

So my southern black brother you are my

king and I said all that I feel

As long as you stay my man of marble I'll be

your backbone of steel






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