My Spectre- Will


By Tony DeLorger © 2011

How does it take so freely my obsessions,

and grind me to my knees,

colouring all I touch with a tainted brush.

How can it entice me so,

deliver my wants through rippled glass,

and leave me spent at the expense of sanity.

My focus spared of normal aspirations,

I move forward driven by past,

Cat creeping in darkness to lose this spectre,

this malevolent addiction.

I am but a pawn to my ego thirst,

fixated on what I see as purpose.

Pleasured moments of achievement fill me,

attach me even more to my passion,

stripping all that life offers to the bone.

Why do I have this oppressor,

this stalking ever-present orator,

this single repugnant antagonist,

this will.

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