My Stand

My Stand

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Delivered from myself I stand,

my petty doubts and fears demand,

not I relent reject I can,

maintain my life with purpose.

For my inner spectre taunts me still,

with savage mind intent in will,

to keep me from my life until,

I wallow in my ineptitude.

But here I wait my soul to take,

a stand against that evil make,

a failure of a life forsake,

the reason for my being.

It is with soul I fight from start,

not let this evil steal my heart,

relent these doubts my troubled art,

and still my worried mind.

I refuse to sin with doubtful grin,

allow my mind to fall within,

receding will have weakened been,

but victory will be mine.

For out of choice resounds my voice,

words of peace and silent noise,

my fears retreat my will anoint,

my life now cleansed abounds.

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