My Temporary Refuge

My Temporary Refuge

well we met

in december

who i was

i don't remember

but i know

that i liked you

and that's all i know

now it's four

years later

i was she,

now i hate her

but i still

show you favour

in my memory

my friend

when will i see you again

i don't know

you were free

you left an impression on me

to this day

i'm okay

i've seen many things

in the time

you've been gone

but til now

i don't know

what i've missed

you were

temporary refuge

and our thoughts

we would divulge

through the night

into the morning

and that's all i know

too late

to unravel what was said

i don't know

we were free

you kind of compelled me to be

swept away

in those days

i didn't know reality could be

so sweet

now i know what i've missed

[you said don't get up - let's turn this around

back to the time - we fell to the ground

you said give up - and climb into sleep.

but i have some appointments to keep]

when we met in december

who i was i don't remember

but you told me you loved me

and that's all i know

now it's ten years later

who i was then, i still hate her

and sometimes i still berate her

now this book is closed.

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Pearldiver profile image

Pearldiver 6 years ago from Tomorrow - In Words & NZ Time.

Nicely written anger it seems says far more than an excution. Well may I have misinterpreted this work, if so I apologise for tiredness.. if not, I will read this again anyway. Thumps up on this piece. Welcome to HP btw. Take Care.

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