My Thoughts Expand And Grow

At Warp Speed

How could I expect to grab one ?

The secret is to go for many

It's alot like fishing with a net

You see a scool of fish

You want just one

If you use a hook and bait

It's a long wait

To increase your odds

Try using a net

Many will escape

More will be caught

The fish are faster than you

You have a bigger brain

Be patient

Learn to develop your technique

The same holds true to ideas

My thoughts are mine to think

So that is what I plan to do

Think then plan

How can I catch more thoughts ?

Instead of a net in hand

I have already developed a new plan

I want to use a vacume

Then swallow them up

With one big vvvvooom !!!!!

So much more fun and excitement to be had

Using modern technology for my play book

Electricity for my partner

Now let the truth be told

Even though all my results aren't in

Oh boy

They do look promising

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Jodah profile image

Jodah 10 months ago from Queensland Australia

We have to try and catch as many thoughts as we can Dream On, and you are expert at it. Well done.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 10 months ago Author

Jodah I am always looking for ways to improve my thought process. The slightest change can bring about amazing results. I love learning from you and all my hubbers. You make each day more interesting . Thank you for the big compliment. Hope I can work in that direction. I am happy just opening up my mind and having everyone over for lunch. Have a great day.

Vandana Patel profile image

Vandana Patel 10 months ago from India

Dream On, you have beautifully described about way of grabbing thoughts.

Find time to read my poem " Thoughts And Clouds".

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 10 months ago Author

Vandana Patel Thoughts are those imaginary ideas that float and in out of our life. They are like pollen in the wind. You are fine then all of a sudden quietly you are teased. Sometimes as little as a sniffle or a complete change. From sneezing and coughing then eyes watering and then they become the only thing on your mind. Because ideas aren't developed they haunt us and drive us into the unknown. Thank you for reading and sharing.

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