My Top Five Picks: Writers' Websites

Ten Years of Surfing the Web


I have been surfing the net for about ten years or so now, and I have a long list of writers' websites book-marked. I only visit a few of them regularly. Some I visit every day because I have developed close ties with other members. Others I visit when I need inspiration, am looking for new markets or have time to browse articles and such. I have boiled my list down to the five websites I use most often. I am sharing them with you along with a short synopsis of what they offer. They may or may not be helpful to you as much as they have me. You can check them out for yourself.


Freelance Writing

This is my go-to site when I am searching for markets to sell my article ideas. In addition to a large data base of publications with their writers guidelines, Freelance Writing has articles and tutorials and listings of contests. it is kept updated with new information.

Writers and Friends


Write4Fun was created by Rob Benn after Writers and Friends closed. Its an young site and made of of many of the same folks from Writers and Friends. Like the parent forum, what attracts me personally back to this forum, besides its members, most often is the photography forum. I find more and more that writing and photography are sisters in the publishing world. Jeff Slater, a member of the board, is a great teacher and I enjoy seeing his art. He inspires me. But, there are forums for everyone on the site. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, humor, and photography are just a few of the discussions going on. Read the Tuckertown Tales, chat with a radio expert, talk gardening, and best of all make some writer friends.

C. Hope Clark


C. Hope Clark's Blog has a wealth of useful information for writers including markets, contests, grants and more. Her list of links has blogs written by several agents and writers. I subscribe to her free newsletter, Funds for Writers, and have gained some assignments from the information she shares.

Writers Weekly


Writers Weekly also has a free newsletter. Angela Hoy gives weekly  warning updates, new markets, and how-to articles. The warnings include non-paying publications and other writer disputes. Angela also publishes POD and e-books. The website has a forum, offers online writing courses and self-publishing resources.

Writing World

Writing World, edited by Moira Allen, has a huge database of writers' markets. That is what lured me there to begin with, but I read the articles, too. The site is chock full of good articles on everything about writing, including how to promote your book, the business end of writing, selling poetry for greeting cards, and children's writing to name only a few. Writing World offers advertising at reasonable prices and features their reader's books. Links to a forum, editing service, e-books, courses and more are available from Writing World's home page.

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pacwriter profile image

pacwriter 8 years ago from North Carolina

Witer's Weekly is one of the great information sites for a serious writer.

proudgrandpa profile image

proudgrandpa 8 years ago from Charlotte, NC

Like Carol I will bookmark this hub to remind me of these neat sites. Thanks, NEIL

profile image

cvaughn570 8 years ago

Hi Donna,

Thank you for sharing these sites. I will be checking them out and bookmarking this page for reference.

Thanks Again,


Rochelle Frank profile image

Rochelle Frank 8 years ago from California Gold Country

I probably agree with whatever Al said-- and I also love the posts on Writers and Friends.

The first site i ever participted on was Writers BBC-- I know the format seems outdated, but it still has a lot of value. The writer's prompts and feedback are excellent. (Avoid the politics-- except for entertainment reading)

DonnaCSmith profile image

DonnaCSmith 8 years ago from Central North Carolina Author

yes, that is a neat site.

wammytk profile image

wammytk 8 years ago from Iowa

Great Hub. Would just like to invite you to another website at

It is just a wonderful look into her life on a ranch, she is a great photographer and she shares tips for fine tuning your photos, plus she has recipes galore. Check it out. I just love her site and don't miss one day of reading it.

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